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Automated phone calls?
Ozeki Phone System XE VoIP PBX software is an advanced PBX built for automated voice calls and 2 way SMS messaging. It has outstanding APIs for software developers. It can be used for:

Phone calls from SQL
Phone calls from HTTP
Voice and SMS applications

Callcenter developers
If you are working on telephone solutions, please check out the Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK.
It can be used to create VoIP client and server software.

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GSM Operator and Country Codes for Operator Logos

The following country and operator codes can be used when an operator logo is sent to a GSM device.

202-01 COSMOTE - Greece
202-05 Greece Panafon S A Panafon
202-10 Greece STET Hellas STET Hellas
204-04 Vodafone NL (Libertel) (GSM 900)
204-08 KPN Telecom (GSM 900)
204-12 Telfort (GSM 1800)
204-16 Ben (GSM 1800)
204-20 Dutchtone (GSM 1800)
206-01 Belgium Belgacom BEL PROXI
206-10 Belgium Mobistar BEL mobistar
206-20 KPN Orange Belgium SA
208-01 France France Telecom F Itineris
208-01 Monaco France Telecom F Itineris
208-10 France SFR F SFR
208-10 Monaco SFR F SFR
208- France Bouygues Telecom Bouygues
213-03 Andorra STA Andorra AND M-AND
214-01 Spain Airtel Airtel
214-03 Spain AMENA
214-07 Spain Telefonica Moviles MSTAR
216-01 Hungary Pannon GSM Pannon
216-30 Hungary Westel H-Westel 900
216-70 Hungary Vodafone (GSM 900/1800)
218-01 Bosnia Cronet Cronet
218-90 Bosnia PTT Bosnia BIH PTT-GSM
219-01 Croatia HPT Croatian PTT HR-CRONET
219-10 Croatia VIPNET
220-01 Serbia Mobile Telecomm. MOBTEL
220-03 YU PTT
220-02 Montenegro PROMONTE GSM
220-04 Montenegro MoNet GSM
220-07 Serbia Promonte PROMONTE GSM
222-01 Italy Telecom Italia Mobile TIM
222-01 San Marino Telecom Italia Mobile TIM
222-01 The Vatican Telecom Italia Mobile TIM
222-10 Italy Omnitel Pronto Italia Omni
222-10 San Marino Omnitel Pronto Italia Omni
222-10 The Vatican Omnitel Pronto Italia Omni
222-88 Wind Telecomunicazioni S.P.A, Vatican and San Marino, Italy
222-98 Blu s.p.a. Telefonia mobile Italy
226-01 Romania MobiFon
226-03 Romania Cosmorom
226-10 Romania MobilRom
228-01 Switzerland Swiss PTT CH NAT D
228-01 Liechtenstein Swiss PTT CH NAT D
228-03 Orange Switzerland
228-08 Tele2 Switzerland
230-01 Czech republic Radio Mobil CZ Paegas
230-02 Czech republic Eurotel Praha EUROTEL-CZ
230-03 Czech republic OSKAR
231-01 Slovakia Globtel
231-02 Slovakia Eurotel Bratislava Eurotel Bratislava
232-01 Austria Mobilkom A1
232- Austria O Call TS
232-03 Austria Max Mobil Telekoms A max.
232-05 Connect Austria Gesellschaft für Telekommunikation GmbH - ONE
232-07 tele.ring Telekom Service GmbH - Telering
234-10 UK Cellnet Cellnet
234-15 UK Vodafone Vodafone
234-30 UK One2One/Virgine
234-33 UK Orange
234-90 Jersey Jersey Telecoms Jer 1
234-55 Guersney Guersney Telecom GSY-TEL
234-58 Isle of Man Manx Telecom Manx
235- UK
238-01 Denmark Tele Danmark Mobil DK TDK-MOBIL
238-02 Denmark SONOFON
238- Denmark Telia Denmark Telia DK
238- Denmark Mobilix Mobilix
240-01 Sweden Telia Mobitel S TELIA MOBITEL
240-07 Sweden Comviq S COMVIQ
240-08 Sweden Europolitan Europolitan
240- Sweden Telenordia
242-01 Norway Telenor Mobil N Tele-mobil
242-02 Norway NetCom GSM A/S N NetCom GSM
244-05 Finland Telecom Finland Telecom Finland
244-91 Finland OY Radiolinja Radiolinja
244- Finland Telivo
244- Åland Alands Mobil
246-01 Lithuania Omnitel LT OMNITEL
246-02 Lithuania Mobilios Telekomunikacijos LT BITE
246-03 Lithuania LT TELE2
246-04 ir Lithuanian X-GSM Tele2
247-01 Latvia Latvias Mobilais Telefons LV LMT GSM
247-02 Latvia Baltcom LV BALTCOM
248-01 Estonia Eesti Mobiiltelefon EE EMT GSM
248-02 Estonia Radiolinja Eesti AS RLE-GSM
248-03 Estonia Ritabell Q-GSM
290-01 Russia Mobil Telesystems MTS-RUS
290-02 Russia NW GSM St Petersburg RUS NWGSM
290- Russia DonTelecom
290- Russia United Tele Moscow UTM
290-38 Russia Wireless Technology
290- Russia Extel Mobile Comms Systems
290-99 Russia KB Impuls
255-01 UKR FLASH
257-01 VELCOM Belarus
260-01 Poland Polkomtel SA PL-PLUS
260-02 Poland Polska TelefoniaCyfrowa PL-ERA GSM
260-03 Poland Polska TelefoniaKomorkowa Idea Centertel
262-01 Germany DeTeMobil D1 D1-Telekom
262-02 Germany Mannesmann Mobilfunk D2 D2-Privat
262- Germany E-plus E-plus
262- Germany VIAG E2
265-01 Ukraine UA UMC UA UMC
265- Ukraine Ukrainian Radio System
265- Ukraine Bancomsvyaz
266-01 Gibraltar Gibtel Gibtel GSM
268-01 Portugal Telecel Telecel
268-06 Portugal Telemovel P TMN
268-03 Optimus
270-01 Luxembourg P&T Luxembourg LUXGSM
270-77 Luxemburg (900/1800) Millicom.SA L TANGO
272-01 EIR Eircell IRL EIR-GSM
272-02 EIR Esat Digifone IRL DIGIFONE
274-01 Iceland Postur og simi IS SIMINN
276-01 Albania AMC AMC
278- Malta Advanced
278-01 Malta Telecell Telecell
280-01 Cyprus Cyprus Telecom Auth CY CYTAGSM
283-01 RA-ARMGSM
284-01 Bulgaria MobiTel CITRON BG
286-01 Turkey TurkCell TURKCELL
286-02 Turkey Türk Telekom TR TELSIM
293-41 Slovenia Mobitel DD SI-GSM
293- Slovenia Digitel Digitel
294-01 Macedonia PTT Makedonija MKD-MOBIMAK
302-37 Canada (PCS) Microcell FIDO
310-02 USA (PCS) Sprint Spectrum Sprint
310-15 USA (PCS) BellSouth Mobility PCS
310- USA (PCS) Pacific Bell Mobile Srvs
310- USA (PCS) Western Wireless Corp
310-20 USA (PCS) American Portable Telecoms Sprint
310-16 USA (PCS) Omnipoint Corporation
310-17 USA (PCS)
310-27 USA (PCS) Powertel PCS Partners
310-66 USA (PCS) DigiPH DigiPH
400-01 Azerbadjan Azercell ACELL
401-01 Kazakhstan K-Mobile
401-02 Kazakhstan K-Cell
404-07 India TATA INA-TATA
404-10 India Airtel AIRTEL
404-11 India Essar ESSAR
404-12 India Escotel INA-ESCOTEL
404-19 India Escotel INA-ESCOTEL
404-20 India Max Touch MAXTOUCH
404-21 India BPL Mobile BPL MOBILE
404-27 India BPL Mobile BPL MOBILE
404-30 India Command COMMAND
404-31 India Mobilenet MOBILENET
404-40 India Skycell SKYCELL
404-41 India RPG MAA RPG MAA
404- India Usha Martin
404- India Modi Telstra
404- India Sterling Cellular SCL
404- India Mobile Telecom
404- India Airtouch
404-43 India BPL Mobile BPL MOBILE
404-46 India BPL USWest BPL MOBILE
404- India Koshiki
404- India Bharti Telenet
404- India Birla Comm
404- India Cellular Comms
404-56 India Escotel INA-ESCOTEL
404- India JT Mobiles
404- India Evergrowth
404- India Modicom
404- India Fascel
410-01 Pakistan Mobilink MOBILINK
413-02 Sri Lanka MTN Networks Pvt Ltd SRI DALOG
415-01 Lebanon Cellis (FTML) RL Cellis
415-03 Lebanon Libancell RL LibCL
416-01 Jordan FastLink JOR FSTLNK
417-09 Syria Mobile Syria SYR MOB
418- Iraq Iraq Telecoms + Posts
419-02 Kuwait Mobile Telecom KT MTCNet
420-01 Saudi Arabia MoPTT, DMTS-1 KSA ALJAWWAL
420-07 Saudi Arabia EAE KSA EAE
422-02 Oman General Telecoms GTO
424-01 Un Arab Emirat Etisalat UAE ETSLT
424-02 Un Arab Emirat Etisalat UAE EG2
425- Israel Cellcom Israel Ltd Cellcom
426-01 Bahrein Batelco BHR MPLUS
427-01 Qatar QTel QAT Q-NET
432-11 Iran T.C.I.
432- Iran Celcom
432- Iran Kish Free Zone
438-01 Turkmenistan BCTI
452-01 Vietnam MTCS VMS-GSM
452-02 Vietnam Vinaphone (GSM 900)
454-00 Hong Kong Hong Kong Telecom HK TCSL GSM
454-04 Hong Kong Hutchinson HutchinsonGSM
454-06 Hong Kong Smartone Mobile Comm SmarTone
454- Hong Kong Peoples Telephone Co Ltd
455-01 Macao C.T.M. CTM GSM
457-01 Laos Lao Shinawatra Telecom
460-00 China Guangdong MCC CHNTELGSM
460-01 China China United Telecom CHN-CUGSM
460- China Guangxi PTB
460- China Liaoning PPTA
460- China Beijing Wireless
460- China Zhuhai Comms
460- China Jiaxing PTT
460- China Tjianjin Toll Telecom
460- China DGT MPT
466-92 Taiwan Shungwa Telecom LDM ROCLDGSM
902-01 Malaysia My Digi MY DIGI
902-02 Malaysia My BSB MY BSB
902-12 Malaysia Binariang Maxis Mobile MY maxis
902-13 Malaysia Telecom Malaysia Touch MY MRTEL
902-16 Malaysia Mutiara Telekom DIGI 1800
902-17 Malaysia Sapura Digital Adam PHS MY ADAM
902-19 Malaysia Celcom GSM Celcom
905-01 Australia Telstra Corporation Limited Telstra
905-02 Australia Cable & Wireless Optus Limited YES OPTUS
905-03 Australia Vodafone Network Pty Limited VODAFONE
905-08 Australia One-Tel (GSM 1800)
510- Indonesia PT Kartika Ekamas
510-01 Indonesia PT Satelindo IND SAT-C
510-10 Indonesia Telekomsel TELKOMSELGSM
510-11 Indonesia Excelcom IND-EXCELCOM
510-15 Indonesia Telekomindo Telekomindo
515-01 The Philipines IslaCom ISLA
515-02 The Philipines Globe Telecom GLOBE
515-03 SMART telecommunications, Phlippines
520-01 Thailand Advanced Info Serv Pcl TH AIS GSM
520-18 Thailand Tacs WP1800
525-01 Singapore Singapore Telecom ST-GSM-SGP
525-03 Singapore Mobile One M1-GSM-SGP
528-01 Brunei Jabatan Telekom
528-11 Brunei DSTCom
530-01 New Zealand Bell South BELLSOUTH021
542-01 Fiji Vodafone Fiji VODAFONE
546-01 New Caledonia Mobilis Mobilis
547-20 Fr Polynesia Tikiphone F VINI Fr Pacific Isls Guinea International Wireless
604-01 Morocco ONPT Marocko MOR ONPT
605-02 Tunesia
608-01 Senegal Sonatel
612-01 Ivory Coast Comstar
612-03 Ivory Coast Ivoiris
612-05 Telecel
617-01 Mauritius Cellplus Mobile Comms MRU-CELLPLUS
624-01 Cameroon PTT Cameroon Cellnet CAM CELLNET
633-01 The Seychelles SEZ SEYCEL SEZ SEYCEL
634-01 Sudan MobiTel SDN MobiTel
636-01 Ethiopia ETA ETH-MTN
640-01 Tanzania TriTel TZ-Tritel
641-01 Uganda Celtel Cellular CELTEL
641-10 Uganda Mobile Telephone Networks MTN Uganda.
646-01 Madacom (Madagascar)
646-02 Antaris SMM (Madagascar)
646-03 SACEL (Madagascar)
647-10 Reunion SRR F SFR RU
648-01 Zimbabwe PTC Zimbabwe NET ONE
649-01 Namibia MTC Network NAM MTC
690-01 Malawi Telekom Network MW CP 900
651-01 Lesotho Vodacom VCL COMMS
652-01 Botswana, Mascom Wireless
652-02 Botswana, Vista Cellular
655-01 South Africa Vodacom VodaCom-SA
655-10 South Africa Mobile Telephone Networks MTN-SA

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