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Automated phone calls?
Ozeki Phone System XE VoIP PBX software is an advanced PBX built for automated voice calls and 2 way SMS messaging. It has outstanding APIs for software developers. It can be used for:

Phone calls from SQL
Phone calls from HTTP
Voice and SMS applications

Callcenter developers
If you are working on telephone solutions, please check out the Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK.
It can be used to create VoIP client and server software.

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SQL SMS Gateway

OZEKI SMS - SMS k�ld�s h�l�zaton kereszt�l

�ltal�nos ismertető:

Ez a program Nokia CIMD2/Emi2 protokol seg�ts�g�vel kommunik�l a szolg�ltat� SMS k�zpontj�val. A be�rkező SMS-eket egy adatb�zis (pl.:MySql, PostgresSql, Sybase, stb...) t�bl�ban t�rolja. Ha SMS-t szeretn�nk k�ldeni, akkor csak annyi a dolgunk, hogy egy adatb�zis rekordot kell l�trehozunk. A program a szolg�ltat�t�l kapott st�tusz jelent�seket is kezeli.


Oper�ci�s rendszer Linux, BSD, SunOs, Unix
Windows 9x,Me,Nt4,2000,XP
Pentium 166Mhz, 64Mb RAM, 10Mb HDD
Egy�b - Adatb�zis szerver (MySql, PostgresSql, Sybase, Oracle, vagy m�s SQL alap� szerver)
- Perl futtat�si k�rnyezet (ingyenes)
- H�l�zati kapcsolat

Fontosabb funkci�k:

- mind�ssze egy process fut
- kezeli a k�zbes�t�si jelent�seket
- user is futtathatja, nem kell root jog hozz�
- daemon-k�nt fut
- log file-t hoz l�tre

A term�k a k�vetkező f�jlokat tartalmazza:

cimd2.pl Maga az a program, ami kommunik�l a szolg�ltat� SMS k�zpontj�val, �s az adatb�zis szerverrel.
config.cimd Egy konfigur�ci�s text f�jl, amiben az adatb�zis kapcsolathoz �s az SMSC-hez sz�ks�ges inform�ci�k vannak t�rolva
smstables.sql A program műk�d�s�hez sz�ks�ges adatb�zis definici� MySql adatb�zishoz

Telep�t�s �tmutat�:

A program haszn�lata rendk�v�l egyszerű. Első l�p�sben le kell menteni az cimd2.pl �s config.cimd scripteket. Ezut�n l�tre kell hozni az adatb�zis t�bl�kat az smstables.sql t�bladefinici� alapj�n.

A programot haszn�lat előtt be kell konfigur�lni. A konfigur�ci� �gy t�rt�nik, hogy a config.cimd f�jlban be kell �ll�tani a hi�nyz� param�tereket.
A logfile-t �s pidfile-t �rdemes teljes el�r�si �ttal be�ll�tani.

A proram ind�t�sa a k�vetkező parancs seg�ts�g�vel t�rt�nhet:
cimd2.pl config.cimd

Killall cimd2.pl

cimd2.pl config.cimd

Lehetős�g van arra, hogy a programot ne daemonk�nt futtassuk. Ekkor "debug m�d"-ban �gy lehet elind�tani, hogy
cimd2.pl config.cimd -d
ekkor a le�ll�t�shoz el�g egy CTRL-C.


SMS sending over the Internet: CIMD2 - SQL

General overview:

This application can be used to send and receive SMS messages. The software uses the CIMD2 protocol to communicate with the SMS Service Center (SMSC) of the GSM provider. The incoming messages are stored by the application in a database (e.g.: MySql, PostgresSql, Sybase,etc...) table. The outgoing messages are took from the same database by a periodical lookup. If we would like to send an SMS all we have to do is create a record in another database table. The incoming messages are automatically inserted.


- Only one process is activated
- it handles status reports
- can be run by any user account, no administrator privileges are need,
- runs as a daemon
- creates a log file

The package contains the following components:


The main application, that communicates with the service provider and the local database server.


A configuration text file, which contains all the information needed to connect to the SMSC and the database.


The database table definition for MySql database servers.

Installation instructions:

The installation is a very simple procedure. As a first step, download the cimd2.pl and config.cimd files. After this you must create the database table definitions with the help of the smstables.sql file.

Before you start the application, you must modify the config.cimd file to reflect the settings of your system. You must set the following parameters:
(operator, cimd_user, cimd_password, remote_host, remote_port, logfile, phone_number).
The logfile and the pidfile should be specified with a fully qualified path, especially if the cimd2 script is executed by crontab or other system service.

To start the application issue the following command:
cimd2.pl config.cimd

To stop:
Killall cimd2.pl The program disconnects and quits.

To restart:
cimd2.pl config.cimd

The application can be ran in debug mode. In this case the logging is displayed on the screen. in this case use the following command to start the application
cimd2.pl config.cimd -d
to stop the program, when is running in debug mode press CTRL-C.

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