Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

Dedicating service provider connections to users

In some cases there is a requirement in autoresponding system to route response messages back to the same connection where the original message came in. This guide gives you the routing configuration to satisfy this requirement

This document was written because we have received the following customer request:

We have 3 providers and they all have a different range of number
Digicel: 111111, 111112, 111113
Uniqa: 111111, 111114, 111115
TeleG: 111111, 222222, 333333
what is the best way to configure the outbound routing, keeping in mind
that we need to sent messages coming from a certain provider back to
that provider. We use a database user to process the messages

To achieve this goal the best option is to install multiple instances of the database user and to create a unique table set for each instance. After this the inbound routing and the outbound routing should be setup to create links between the appropriate database user instance and the service provider it servers.

If you take a look at Figure 1 you will see that messages coming in on connection named digicell are routed to SQL user 1. Also messages coming from SQL user 1 are routed to digical for sending. The configuration is similar for the other connections and corresponding users.

multiprovider routing in the sms server
Figure 1 - Dedicating certain service provider connections to certain users

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