How to allow incoming connections

On this page you can find detailed information on how you can allow incoming connections at Windows Firewall. This is necessary to be able to receive MMS over MM7 protocol. Please follow the steps of this article to be able to use this solution properly.

To allow incoming connections, first you need to go to Control Panel at Start menu and click on Windows Firewall icon (Figure 1).

the control panel menu
Figure 1 - Control Panel

At Windows Firewall, select "Advanced Settings" (Figure 2).

Figure 2 - Windows Firewall

In the next page select "Inbound Rules"(Figure 3).

advanced settings page
Figure 3 - Advanced Settings page

Now click to "New Rule..." button at right(Figure 4).

the inbound rules page
Figure 4 - Inbound Rules page

In the next dialog box select the "Port" radio button and then click to "Next" (Figure 5).

select the type of the rule
Figure 5 - Select the type of the rule

At the next page type in the "port number" (9400) what you want to enable and click to "Next" (Figure 6).

type in the port numbers
Figure 6 - Type in the port numbers

Leave the radio button on "Allow the connection" and click to "Next" (Figure 7).

choose the action
Figure 7 - Choose the action

Leave all pipes in the boxes and click "Next" (Figure 8).

select the applying of this rule
Figure 8 - Select the applying of this Rule

In the last page "Name the Rule" and click the "Finish" button (Figure 9).

name the rule
Figure 9 - Name the Rule

Finaly you can see your new rule in the list is the rules (Figure 10).

the list of rules
Figure 10 - The list of the rules

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