Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

SMS features of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

This page provides information on the available SMS features of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. Please find the supported SMS formats of the SMS gateway in the table.

SMS features

Support of all SMS features and protocols This feature offers a wider range of SMS services and allows continuous development.
Two-way SMS With this functionality you can send and receive messages in your system in a convenient and efficient way.
GSM hardware support GSM devices (GSM modem or GSM phone) attached to the PC with a data cable can be used for two-way SMS messaging.
SMSC protocols and connectivity Protocols: SMPP, UCP, CIMD2, HTTP
SMS formats The SMS gateway supports a wide range of SMS formats including 7bit ASCII, 8bit binary, User Data Header SMS (UDH - for operator logos, picture messages, ringing tones, WAP OTA settings, vCAL entries, WAP bookmarks, etc.) and Unicode SMS
Support for long SMS supports several standards for long SMS messages including NBS, concatenated messages, simple enumeration and WDP.
Support of segmentation and re-assembly of long SMS The software handles these processes in a professional way.
Tracking of SMS and long SMS messages This function allows to track back your messages. In case of long SMS messages, the segmented parts are also tracked.
Support EMS Full EMS support: you can send pictures, animations and melodies and other content, and provides the formatting of the text.
Multiple connection support Unlimited number of multiple SMSC connections or multiple GSM devices is available.
Further SMS features Delivery notifications, direct display.
Pre-defined campaign management This feature ensures that you can launch SMS campaigns on a pre-defined marketing list.

Please find the "The 7 bit default alphabet of GSM phones"

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