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Automated phone calls?
Ozeki Phone System XE VoIP PBX software is an advanced PBX built for automated voice calls and 2 way SMS messaging. It has outstanding APIs for software developers. It can be used for:

Phone calls from SQL
Phone calls from HTTP
Voice and SMS applications

Callcenter developers
If you are working on telephone solutions, please check out the Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK.
It can be used to create VoIP client and server software.

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E-mail: info@ozekisms.com

If you have a technical question, please submit a support request on-line.

Delphi SMS Component

Download: Delphi-SMS-API_3.0.zip
Source code: Included
Exe demo: Included
Delphi version: XE

Download: Delphi-SMS-API_2.0.zip
Source code: Included
Exe demo: Included
Delphi version: D5, D6, D7, D2005, D2006, D2007

This Delphi SMS component can be used, modified and distributed freely. It makes it possible to connect to your Ozeki NG SMS Gateway installation through the Internet or the corporate LAN. It can be used for both sending and receiving SMS messages, it supports delivery reports (SMS delivered to network, SMS delivered to handset, SMS delivery failed) and Unicode SMS messages to send Arabic, Cyril, Chinese and other international characters. It contains the full source code.


This is a VCL component for SMS messaging. This component can be used to send and receive SMS messages from your Delphi application through Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. It gives you the freedom to use a GSM phone or GSM Modem, or an IP SMS protocol, such as SMPP, CIMD2, or UCP in your system. In fact you can use even more then one GSM modem or IP SMS protocol based service provider connection at the same time from your Delphi application.

Use this component to simplify text messaging and increases productivity in your project. According to the GSM Technical Specification 07.05, every SMS application should provide the following features:

  • SMS PDU-mode
  • SMS text-mode
  • GSM7Bit SMS alphabet to support Latin characters
  • Unicode SMS alphabet to support International characters
  • Multipart SMS support with 8 bit reference numbering to be able to send and receive long messages
  • Multipart SMS support with 16 bit reference numbering to be able to send and receive long messages
  • SMS Delivery reports with delivery time information:
  • delivered to network
  • delivered to handset
  • delivery failed
Ozeki NG SMS Gateway implements all these features making sure, that you will not have to deal with support issues regarding SMS messages in your project.

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