Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

Database link management


The Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway software does not require the database server to run on the same computer. The database server can reside on a different computer (though this may involve some decrease in speed).

Connection is available

The connection between Ozeki NG and SQL Server is alive.

the connection between ozeki and sql
Figure 1 - The connection between Ozeki SMS Gateway and SQL Server

Connection is not available

The connection between Ozeki NG and the SQL Server is broken. In this case, incoming SMS messages will be stored in a text file until the connection is reestablished (thus avoiding data loss). Then, the content of the file will be placed into the database.

connect failure one
Figure 2 - Incase link failure the SMS messages are stored in a text file

connection failure two
Figure 3 - The temporary text file stored into the database when the connection reestablished

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