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Service Provider Description Protocols

M-Blox�s mobile messaging delivery-services � sometimes referred to as bulk SMS services � allow you to deliver data to and receive data from mobile handsets in over 180 countries around the world. mBlox�s mobile delivery products can access approximately 95% of the mobile subscribers around the world; that�s almost 2 billion people! Thanks to being user-friendly, cheap and all but ubiquitous, the main delivery mechanism for mobile data today is still bulk SMS. As the world�s largest application-to-person SMS delivery network provider, mBlox delivers well over half a billion SMS messages per year.


We are able to enable SMS & Fax broadcast services via a variety of interfaces (XML-RPC, HTTP, SMPP, Java, Com Object and Command Line). We also offer free broadcast management tools such as our windows message client and SMS blaster.


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Home > Product Manual > Appendix > J - SMPP providers > SMPP providers AUSTRALIA
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