Ozeki NG SMS Gateway


License upgrade

It is  possible to upgrade your license to a more powerful edition of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway (for example from 5 MPM to 20 MPM). If you decide to upgrade, you have to pay the price difference between two licenses, plus some administration fee. After you have purchased an upgrade, you will get a new registration key, that will enable the increased capacity in your installed software product. To upgrade your license, you need to select one of the license upgrade options from our upgrade price list available at http://www.ozekisms.com/index.php?owpn=529.

License upgrade price list: License upgrade prices...

Technical support + version update service

When you purchase Ozeki SMS Gateway, you get 3 months of version updates (for example update from v2.0 to v2.1) and 3 months of standard technical support. This means that in this period, you can download all the new releases of the product from our website and you can update your system to the latest version. The updates will work with your original license code. The version updates contain bug fixes, new features and various improvements. If it is important for you to keep up with the development, you might want to sign up for this update service for additional years. To order the version update service and technical support for additional years, you need to select the preferred period from our "Technical support + version update service" price list. This price list is available at http://www.ozekisms.com/index.php?owpn=530.

Technical support + version update service price list: Technical support + version update prices...