Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

Instructions on how to receive MMS on PC with GSM modem

This guide gives you information on how to setup a system to be able to receive MMS messages on PC and to process them from an application.

To be able to receive MMS messages, you need a suitable GSM modem. Most modems cannot be used for this, because most modems will not forward incoming MMS indication messages to the computer. Let me list some modems, that can be used for receiving MMS:
  • Wavecom Fastrack MB 1306B
  • Wavecom Supreme
  • Siemens TC65

If you have a suitable modem, you need to configure MMS connectivity in the GSM Modem service provider connection configuration form. This form has an "MMS settings" tab. On this tab, you please select your GSM provider from the "MMS service provider:" combo box, then click Ok. If your GSM service provider is not listed, please open the "Custom settings" tab, and enter the "GPRS APN:", "MMSC URL:" and "Gateway:" settings.

If you got these settings configured, you can send a test MMS to your system from your mobile phone. If you look at the "events" form of the GSM modem connection, you will see the test MMS arrive to the system.

To handle this MMS it is easy. It will be forwarded to your application, or database the same way an SMS is forwarded. The only difference is that the message text will be an XML file that contains a list of the attachments that came with the MMS. These attachments can be audio, video, text and picture files. (The attachments are automatically saved into the file system, into the "C:\Program Files\Ozeki\OzekiNG - SMS Gateway\MMS" directory when the message arrives.) The format of the XML and a list of the attachment types can be found at the following webpages: