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MMS Service Provider Configuration

This text gives information about how to configure custom MMS settings in Ozeki NG to be able to send and receive MMS messages. Please note that custom settings are required if your service provider is not listed in the MMS Service provider combo box in the GSM Modem configuration form. (For additional information about configuration, please visit the following URL: http://www.ozekisms.com/index.php?owpn=495

How to setup

To configure your GSM modem to be able to send and receive MMS messages using one of the following providers, please open the "MMS settings" tab of the "GSM Modem configuration form" (Figure 1). On this tab, select "Custom settings" in the "MMS service provider" combo box!

select custom settings in the mms service provider combo box
Figure 1 - Select Custom Settings in the MMS service provider combo box.

Figure 1 - Select Custom Settings in the MMS service provider combo box.

The next step is to select the "Custom settings tab" (Figure 2), and fill in the appropriate values for the GPRS APN, the MMSC url and the Gateway. These values can be found in the table bellow.

provide gprs apn, the mmsc url and the gateway
Figure 2 - Provide GPRS APN, the MMSC url and the Gateway.

Finally on the "Network settings" tab, enter the username and the password (Figure 3). If you use the same modem for MMS transfers as the one you use for SMS, make sure the "Use existing Internet connection for MMS transfers." checkbox is NOT checked.

provide username and password
Figure 3 - Provide username and password.

Service provider information

 Country  Provider Name  GPRS APN  Username  Password  Gateway  MMSC URL
Albania AMC mms
  Vodafone vfalmms http://mmsc.vodafone.al
Algeria Djezzy djezzy.mms
  Nedjma nedjmamms mms mms
Andorra STA mms http://mms.ad/mmsc
Anguilla Cable and Wireless internet http://mmsc
Antigua&Barbuda Cable and Wireless internet http://mmsc
  Digicel wap.digicelantigua.com wapant wapant http://mmc.digiceljamaica.com/servlets/mms
Argentina CTI Movil mms.ctimovil.com.ar ctimms ctimms999 http://mms.ctimovil.com.ar
  Personal mms mms mms
  Unifon gprs.unifon.com.ar mms mms http://mms.tmovil.cl/
Arub Digicel wap.digicelaruba.com waparuba wap03aruba http://mmc.digiceljamaica.com/servlets/mms
  Setar mms.setar.aw http://mms.setar.aw
Australia Optus mms http://mmsc.optus.com.au:8002/
  Telstra telstra.mms
  Three 3services http://mmsc.three.net.au:10021/mmsc
  Vodafone live.vodafone.com http://pxt.vodafone.net.au/pxtsend
Austria A1 (MobilKom) A1.net ppp@A1plus.at http://mmsc.a1.net
  Drei drei.at http://mmsc
  One web.one.at wap wap http://mmsc.one.at/mms/wapenc
  Tele Ring mms wap@telering.at wap http://relay.mms.telering.at
  T-Mobile gprsinternet http://mmsc.t-mobile.at/servlets/mms
Azerbaijan Azercell mms http://mms.azercell.com/cMMSC/post
  Bakcell mms http://mms.bakcell.com/mms/wapenc
Bahrain Batelco mms.batelco.com
Bangladesh Aktel WAP
Barbados Digicel wap.digicelbarbados.com wapbarb wap03barb http://mmc.digiceljamaica.com/servlets/mms
Belarus Velcom mms.velcom.by mms mms http://mms.velcom.by/servlets/mms
Belgium Base internet.be http://mms.vox.lu
  Mobistar mms.be mobistar mobistar http://mmsc.mobistar.be
  Proximus event.proximus.be mms mms http://mmsc.proximus.be/mms
  Tempo tempomms.be mobistar mobistar http://mmsc.mobistar.be
Bosnia&Herzegowina BH Telecom mms.bhmobile.ba http://mms.bhmobile.ba/cmmsc/post
  Mobis mms http://mms.065mobis.com/mms/wapenc
Brazil Brazil Telecom mms.brt.br brt brt http://mms.brasiltelecom.com.br/
  Claro mms.claro.com.br claro claro http://mms.claro.com.br
  CTBC mms.ctbc.br ctbc 1212 http://mms.ctbccelular.com.br/was
  Oi (TNL PCS) mmsgprs.oi.com.br oimms oioioi
  Telemig mmsgprs.telemigcelular.com.br celular celular http://mms.telemigcelular.com.br
  TIM mms.tim.br tim tim http://mms.tim.br/servlets/mms
  VIVO mms.vivo.com.br vivo vivo http://termnat.vivomms.com.br:8088/mms
Brunei DST dst.mms mms mms http://mms.dst.com.bn/mmsc
Bulgaria Globul mms.globul.bg mms http://mmsc1.mms.globul.bg:8002
  Mtel mms-gprs.mtel.bg mtel mtel http://mmsc/
Cambodia Hello hellomms http://mms.iq2mobile.com
Canada Rogers media.com media mda01 http://mms.gprs.rogers.com
Cayman Islands Cable and Wireless internet http://mmsc
Chile Entel PCS mms.entelpcs.cl entelmms entelpcs http://mmsc.entelpcs.cl
  Telefonica mms.tmovil.cl mms mms http://mms.tmovil.ch
China China Mobile cmwap http://mmsc.monternet.com
Croatia VIPNet mms.vipnet.hr http://mms.vipnet.hr/servlets/mms
Cyprus Areeba mms.areeba.com.cy http://mms.areeba.com.cy/mmsc
  CytaMobile VodaFone cytamobile user pass http://mmsc.cyta.com.cy
Czech Republic Eurotel mms mms mms http://mms.eurotel.cz:8002
  O2 mms http://mms.o2active.cz:8002
  Oskar mms mms mms http://mms
  T-Mobile mms.t-mobile.cz mms mms http://mms
Denmark Sonofon sonofon http://mms.sonofon.dk
  TDC mms
  Telia www.mms.telia.dk telia 1010 http://mms.telia.dk
  Tre data.tre.dk http://mms.3.dk
Dominica Cable and Wireless internet http://mmsc
Egypt MobilNil Mobinilmms
  Vodafone mms.vodafone.com.eg http://mms.vodafone.com.eg/servlets/mms
Estonia Elisa mms
  EMT mms.emt.ee http://mms.emt.ee/servlets/mms
  Tele 2 mms.tele2.ee http://mmsc.tele2.ee
Finland Alands mms.amt.aland.fi http://mms.amt.aland.fi
  DNA mms dna mms http://mmsc.dnafinland.fi
  Elisa mms http://mms.elisa.fi
  Go Mobile mms.gomobile.fi http://mmsc.gomobile.fi
  PGFree mms.pgfree.com http://mmsc.pgfree.fi
  Sonera wap.sonera.net http://mms.sonera.fi:8002/
France Bouygues mmsbouygtel.com http://mmsc.monternet.com
  Orange orange.acte orange orange http://mms.orange.fr/
  SFR mmssfr http://mms1/
Georgia Magti mms.ge http://mms.magticom.ge
Germany E-Plus mms.eplus.de mms eplus http://mms/eplus
  O2 internet
  T-Mobile mms.t-d1.de t-mobil mms http://mms.t-mobile.de/servlets/mms
  VodaFone event.vodafone.de
Greece Cosmote mms
  Q-Telecom q-mms.myq.gr http://mms.myq.gr/
  TIM mnet.b-online.gr wap wap
  Vodafone mms.vodafone.net user pass http://mms.vodafone.gr/
Grenada Cable and Wireless internet http://mmsc
Haiti Digicel wap.digicelha.com http://mmc.digicelhaiti.com/servlets/mms
Hong Kong CSL hkcsl
  New World mms http://mmsc.nwmobility.com:8002/
  Orange mms.orangehk.com orange 1234
  Peoples peoples.mms http://mms.peoples.com.hk/mms
  SmartOne smartone http://mms.smartone.com.hk/server
  Sunday smms http://mmsc.mms.Sunday.com:8002/
  Three mobile.three.com.hk mms.um.three.com.hk:10021/mmsc
Hungary PannonGSM mms http://mmsc.pgsm.hu
  T-Mobile mms-westel http://mms.westel900.net/servlets/mms
  Vodafone mms.vodafone.net mms mms http://mms.vodafone.hu/servlets/mms
India Airtel airtelmms.com
  BPL mizone http://mms.bplmobile.com:8080
  CellOne bsnlmms ppp ppp123
  Idea mmsc
  VodaFone portalnmms http://mms1.live.vodafone.in/mms/
Indonesia IM3 mms.indosat-m3.net mms im3 http://mmsc.m3-access.com/
  Mentari indosatmms indosat indosat http://mmsc.indosat.com
  ProXL www.xlmms.net proxl xlgprs http://mmc.xl.neg.id
  Sat-C mms.satelindogprs.com satmms satmms http://mmsc.satelindogprs.com/
  Telkomsel mms wap wap123 http://mms.telkomsel.com/
Ireland Meteor mms.mymeteor.ie my mms http://mms.mymeteor.ie
  O2 wap.dol.ie gprs gprs http://mmsc.mms.o2.ie:8002
  O2 (PrePaid) pp/wap.o2.ie gprs gprs http://mmsc.mms.o2.ie:8002
  Three 3ireland.ie mms.3ireland.ie http://mms.um.3ireland.ie:10021/mmsc/
  Vodafone mms.vodafone.net dublin dublin http://www.vodafone.ie/mms
Israel Orange wap.orange.co.il
Italy TIM mms.tim.it http://mms.tim.it/servlets/mms
  Tre tre.it tre tre
  Vodafone mms.vodafone.it http://mms.vodafone.it/servlets/mms
  Wind mms.wind http://mms.wind.it
Jamaica Cable and Wireless internet http://mmsc
  Digicell wap.digiceljamaica.com wapuser wap03jam http://mmc.digiceljamaica.com/servlets/mms
Jordan MobileCom mms.mobilecom.jo mms mms
  Orange mms.orange.jo mmc mmc
Kazakhstan K Mobile mms.k-mobile @mms.k-mobile k-mobile http://mms.kartel.kz/mms/wapenc
  Kcell mms
Kuwait MTC pps annyway online
  Wataniya mms.wataniya.com http://action.wataniya.com
Liechtenstein MobilKom free.fl1.net ppp@a1plus.at http://mmsc.a1.net
Lithuania Omnitel mms.omnitel.net http://mms:8002
Luxembourg Lux GSM mms.pt.lu http://mmsc.pt.lu
  Tango mms tango tango http://mms.tango.lu
  VOX vox.lu http://mms.vox.lu
Macau CTM ctmmms http://mms.wap.ctm.net:8002/
Macedonia Cosmofon mms
Malaysia Celcom mms.celcom.net.my http://mms.celcom.net.my/
  DiGi digimms mms mms http://mms.digi.com.my/servlets/mms
  Maxis net maxis wap
Malta Vodafone mms.vodafone.com.mt http://mms.vodafone.com.mt/servlets/mms
Mexico Telcel mms.itelcel.com mmsgprs mmsgprs2003 http://mms.itelcel.com/servlets/mms
Moldova MoldCell mms http://mms.moldcell.md/cmmsc/post
Monaco Monacell orange.acte orange orange http://mms.orange.fr
Montenegro Promonte mms.promonte.com mms mms http://mm.vor.promonte.com
Montserrat Cable and Wireless internet http://mmsc
Morocco IAM mmsiam http://mms:8002
  MarocTelecom mmsiam http://mms:8002/
Netherlands KPN portalmmm.nl http://mp.mobiel.kpn/mmsc
  Orange MMS http://mms.orange.nl:8002/
  Telfort multimedia http://mmsc.mms.telfort.nl:8002
  T-Mobile mms tmobilemms tmobilemms http://t-mobilemms
  Vodafone live.vodafone.com vodafone vodafone http://mmsc.mms.vodafone.nl
New Zealand Vodafone live.vodafone.com http://pxt.vodafone.net.nz/pxtsend
Nigeria Globacom glomms mms http://mms.gloworld.com/mmsc
  Glomobile glo_mms mms http://mms.gloworld.com/mmsc
Norway Netcom mms.netcom.no mms netcom http://mms/
  Telenor mms http://mmsc/
Oman Nawras mms.nawras.com.om
  Oman Mobile mms mms mms http://mmsc.omanmobile.om:10021/mmsc
Pakistan Telenor mms telenor telenor http://mmstelenor
  Ufone ufone.mms http://www.ufonemms.com:80/alias=PP
Panama Cable and Wireless apn01.cwpanama.com.pa http://mms.zonamovil.com.pa:80/i.bin
Paraguay VOX vox.wap http://srvvirtual.vox.com.py/mmsc
Philippines Digitell mms http://mmscenter.suncellular.com.ph
  Globe Telecom mms.globe.com.ph 1
  Smart mms
  SUN mms http://mmscenter.suncellular.com.ph/
Poland ERA eramms eramms eramms http://mms.era.pl/servlets/mms
  Heyah heyahmms heyah heyah http://mms.heyah.pl/ servlets/mms
  Idea mms idea idea
  Orange mms mms mms http://mms.orange.pl
  Play mms
  Plus mms.plusgsm.pl brak brak http://mms.plusgsm.pl:8002
  Sami Swoi wap.plusgsm.pl http://mms.plusgsm.pl:8002/
Portugal Optimus mms mms mms http://mmsc:10021/mmsc
  TMN mmsc.tmn.pt tmn tmnnet http://mmsc
  Vodafone vas.vodafone.pt vas vas http://mms/servlets/mms
Qatar Qtel mms.qtel mms mms http://mmsr.qtelmms.qa
Romania Connex-Vodafone mms.connex.ro mms.connex.ro connex http://multimedia/servlets/mms
  Orange mms http://wap.mms.orange.ro:8002
Russia A Mobile mms.mts.ru mts mts http://mmsc
  Beeline wap.beeline.ru beeline beeline
  Megafon mms http://mmsc:8002/
  Motiv mms.ycc.ru motiv motiv http://mms.ycc.ru
  Smarts mms.smarts.ru wap wap
  USI mms.usi.ru http://mms/
Saint Kitts and Nevis Cable and Wireless internet http://mmsc
Saint Lucia Cable and Wireless internet http://mmsc
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Cable and Wireless internet http://mmsc
Saudi Arabia STC mms.net.sa http://mms.net.sa:8002/
Singapore M1 miworld 65 user123 http://mmsgw:8002/
  SingTel e-ideas 65eideas eideas http://mms.e-ideas.com.sg:10021/mmsc
  Starhub shmms http://mms.starhubgee.com.sg:8002/
Slovakia T-Mobile mms mms mms http://mms
Slovenia Izi Mobil mms.izimobil izimobil izimobil http://mms.mobitel.si/servlets/mms
  Mobitel mms.mobitel.si mobitel internet http://mms.mobitel.si/servlets/mms
  Si Mobil mms.simobil.si simobil internet http://mmc
South Africa Cell C mms http://mms.cmobile.co.za/
  MTN myMTN mtnmms mms.mtn.co.za/mms/wapenc
  Virgin vmms http://mms.virginmobile.co.za
  VodaCom mms.vodacom.net http://mmsc.vodacom4me.co.za
Spain Amena amenamms MMS AMENA http://mms.amena.com
  Movistar mms.movistar.es movistar@mms movistar http://mms.movistar.com
  Vodafone mms.vodafone.net wap@wap wap125 http://mmsc.vodafone.es/servlets/mms
Sri Lanka Dialog www.dialogsl.com http://mms.dialog.lk:3130/mmsc
Sweden Tele2 internet.tele2.se http://mmsc.tele2.se
  Telenor services.telenor.se http://mms
  Telia mms.telia.se mms telia http://mmss/
  Tre data.tre.se http://mms.tre.se
  Vodafone services.vodafone.net http://mms/
Switzerland Orange mms
  Sunrise mms.sunrise.ch mms mms http://mmsc.sunrise.ch
  Swisscom event.swisscom.ch http://mmsc.swisscom.ch
Syria Syriatel mms.syriatel.com http://mymms.syriatel.com/
Taiwan Chunghwa emome http://mms.emome.net:8002/
  ForEasTone fetnet01 http://mms/
  KG Telcom kgtmms http://mms.kgtmms.net.tw/mms/wapenc
  Mobitai gprs1 gprs gprs http://mms.mobeelife.net/mms/wapenc
  TransAsia hank http://mms/
  TWN mms http://mms/
  Vibo internet http://mms
Thailand AIS multimedia http://mms.mobilelife.co.th/
  DTAC mms - 0 http://mms.dtac.co.th:8002/
  Mobilelife multimedia http://mms.mobilelife.co.th
  Orange mms orange orange http://mms.orange.co.th:8002/
Tunisia Tuntel mms.t1 mms@tt1 mms http://mms
Turkey Avea mms mms mms http://mms.avea.com.tr/servlets/mms
  Turkcell mms mms mms http://mms.turkcell.com.tr/servlets/mms
  Vodafone mms mms mms http://mms:6001/MM1Servlet
Turks and Caicos Islands Cable and Wireless internet http://mmsc
Ukraine Kyivstar mms.kyivstar.net mms mms http://mms.kyivstar.net
  Life mms http://mms.life.com.ua/cmmsc/post
  UMC mms.umc.ua mms umc http://mmsc:8002
United Arab Emirates Etisalat mms mms mms http://mms/servlets/mms
United Kingdom BT mobile.bt.uk user btmms http://mmsc.btmms.co.uk:8002
  O2 wap.o2.co.uk o2wap password http://mmsc.mms.o2.co.uk:8002
  Orange orangemms orange multimedia http://mms.orange.co.uk/
  Tesco prepay.tesco-mobile.com tescowap password http://mmsc.mms.o2.co.uk:8002
  Three three.co.uk http://mms.um.three.co.uk:10021/mmsc
  T-Mobile general.t-mobile.uk user one2one http://mmsc.t-mobile.co.uk:8002/
  Virgin goto.virginmobile.uk user http://mms.virginmobile.co.uk:8002
  Vodafone wap.vodafone.co.uk http://mms.vodafone.co.uk/servlets/mms
United States AT&T Wireless proxy http://mmsc.mobile.attwireless.net/
  Cellular One cellular1wap http://www.openmobilealliance.org/
  Cingular wap.cingular wap@cingulargprs.com cingular1 http://mmsc.cingular.com/
  Orange wap.orange.co.il
  T-Mobile wap.voicestream.com
Uruguay Ancel mms http://mmsc.mms.ancuelutil.com.uy/
  Movistar webapn.movistar.com.uy wapuy wapuy ? http://mmsc.movistar.com.uy
Uzbekistan Beeline mms.beeline.uz beeline beeline http://mms.beeline.uz/mms/wapenc
  Unitel mms.unitel http://mms.unitel.uz/was
Vietnam Mobifone m-wap mms mms
  Vinafone m3-mms mms mms http://mms.vinaphone.vnn.vn:8002
Yemen Sabafon mms wap wap http://mms.sabafon.com/
Yugoslavia Mobtel mms http://mms.mobtel.co.yu/servlets/mms
  Monet mms.monetcg.com

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