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If you are insterested in how to setup automated SMS notifications, you should apply one of the following configurations:

SMS through HTTP requests
SMS from E-mail
SMS from the command line
SMS using txt files

If you are a software developer you can proceed to adding SMS functionality to your source code by clicking on one of the following links:

PHP SMS example
C# SMS example
ASP SMS example
SQL SMS example
Delphi SMS example

If you would like to send and receive SMS messages from MS Office applications, please check out the following links:

Send SMS from MS Excel
Send SMS from MS Outlook
Check out Ozeki SMS Client


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The big SMS FAQ


I have a database user in the system, and the logging is slow at times, the events appear in the log with some delay. Why? How can I fix this issue?


The proper indexing of the database solves this issue.

If the number of sent and received messages is high, the logging slows down due to the update processes during logging. If you index your database properly, the updates are faster resulting in faster logging. Check the 'Databases' tab of the 'Edit'/'Server preferences' window regarding indexing. Check the 'Received', 'Accepted for delivery', etc. tabs' 'where' conditions to find the proper variable to index your database.

What is the recommended database server for SQL logging?


We recommend Microsoft SQL Server.

It has a relatively bug free native OleDb driver, and a good implementation for storing large volume of data.

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Home > Product Manual > FAQ > 5.2 Logging
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