Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

How to activate an expired license

If you have used the trial version of the Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software or you had a temporary license, and the trial period has expired, you will not be able to login to the gateway until you provide a valid license code. This guide gives you information on how you can enter your license information on a system, that was disabled because the license has expired.

Step 1 - Open the graphical user interface

To activate your expired system with a license, you need to open the Graphical user interface with a webbrowser. In the webbrowser, please type in the following URL: This will bring up the "expired license information" page (Figure 1).

expired license information display
Figure 1 - Expired license information display

On the "expired license information" page click on the "click here to enter your serial number" link. This link will bring up the product activation page (Figure 2).

product activation page
Figure 2 - Product activation page

In the product activation page, please enter your serial number into the "Serial no:" field, then click activate. After you have clicked activate, you need to restart the Ozeki NG service (or your computer) to complete the activation procedure.

Please note that the license code you should entered is issued by Ozeki. You get this code when you purchase a full license.