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Common question - Configuration

How can I configure a GSM Modem in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway?

To setup a GSM modem, first you have to attach it to your PC. The next step is to find out which serial port (COM Port) is your GSM modem attached to. After you have this information install the GSM modem service provider connection.

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Topic: GSM Modem

Common question - Hadware vendor

I am a hardware vendor. Can I add my modems to the list?

Ozeki is a leading supplier of corporate SMS solutions. Listing your devices on this page can bring you customers. If you think your device is suitable for SMS messaging, and you want to add it to the list let us know!

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Topic: Hardware vendor

Sierra Wireless AirLink Fastrack Xtend EDGE Modem, FXT009

The Sierra Wireless AirLink Fastrack Xtend GPRS programmable gateway offers quad-band GPRS connectivity in a ruggedized, plug-and-play form factor. It allows easy integration in a wide range of industrial equipment and can also be used as a standalone product. It features an open-standard expansion card interface, enabling you to add additional IO connectivity or features like GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and more.

Sierra Wireless AirLink Fastrack Xtend EDGE Modem, FXT009

Download driver

Every Fastrack Xtend modem comes with:

  • Power Supply
  • 3V/1V8 SIM Interface
  • USB Slave Interface
  • Serial Link (UART1)
  • ON/OFF
  • BOOT signal connection
  • RESET signal connection
  • Audio Interface
  • 2 GPIOs
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Battery Accessory Interface (Optional)
Main benefits:
  • Unparalleled expandability
  • Fully programmable ARM9 processor, programmable in C/C++ or Lua
  • Sierra Wireless Software Suite
  • Rugged embedded SIM available for reliable operation in harsh environments
  • Plug-and-play functionality
Air interface: EDGE

Frequency bands: 850/900/1800/1900

Approvals: R&TTE, CE, GCF, FCC, PTCRB, China RTE, AT&T

  • Alarm: 400uA
  • Standby and Idle: 2,5mA
  • GSM/GPRS max: 400mA max (GPRS class 10 33 dBm)
CPU performances
  • Processor: ARM946/DSP
  • Core frequency: 104 MHz/26 MHz
  • User MIPS available: 87 MIPS
  • IO voltage: 2.6-15V (set by Vref)
  • Analog audio: 1x speaker out - 1x micro in
  • Digital audio: with expansion card
  • Codec: HR, FR, EFR, AMR
  • Quality: VDA2A
  • Echo Cancellation&noise reduction: high
  • DTMF: yes
  • UART: 2 (1 on internal expansion connector)
  • USB: 1
  • ON/OFF pin to power OFF the Fastrack Xtend: yes
  • Vref: 2,6V-15V
  • SPI: 2 on internal expansion connector
  • ADC: 1 on internal expansion connector
  • DAC: 1 on internal expansion connector
  • GPIOs connection and GPIO voltage reference: 2 (2,6-15V) + 7 on internal expansion connector
  • RTC: yes
  • Timers (HW, SW, Capture): yes
  • Interrupts pins: 1 on internal expansion connector
  • Flash LED output: Network
  • SIM interface: SIM socket (1,8V/3V)
  • Expansion cards: yes
  • Battery: Optional
Location solution: Expansional card

Embedded SIM: yes

Control options: AT commands, C/C++ language, Lua Script

Operating system: Open AT

Management services: yes

  • Windows Mobile
  • Windows CE
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Vista
  • Mac OS
Device dimensions: 89x60x30 mm

Operational temperature: -30°C to +75°C

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