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Ozeki firewall settings for Windows 8

In this guide you can learn how you can allow incoming connections on 9500 and 9501 ports at Windows Firewall(Windows 8).

Take the following steps:

To allow incoming connections, first you need to go to Control Panel at Start menu and click on Windows Firewall icon (Figure 1).

the control panel
Figure 1 - Control Panel

At Windows Firewall, select "Advanced Settings" (Figure 2).

windows firewall settings
Figure 2 - Windows Firewall

In the next page select "Inbound Rules"(Figure 3).

the advanced settings tab
Figure 3 - Advanced Settings page

Now click to "New Rule..." button at right(Figure 4).

the inbound rules page
Figure 4 - Inbound Rules page

In the next dialog box select the "Port" radio button and then click to "Next" (Figure 5).

select the type of the rule
Figure 5 - Select the type of the rule

At the next page type in the "port numbers" (9500-9501) what you want to enable and click to "Next" (Figure 6).

type in the port number
Figure 6 - Type in the port numbers

Leave the radio button on "Allow the connection" and click to "Next" (Figure 7).

choose the action
Figure 7 - Choose the action

Leave all pipes in the boxes and click "Next" (Figure 8).

select the applying of the rule
Figure 8 - Select the applying of this Rule

In the last page "Name the Rule" and click the "Finish" button (Figure 9).

name the new rule
Figure 9 - Name the Rule

Finaly you can see your new rule in the list is the rules (Figure 10).

the list of all rules
Figure 10 - The list of the rules

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