Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

Technical support

All customers receive one year of technical support and access to version updates free of charge.

Technical support includes the following services:

Technical support over the phone You can contact us over the phone. Our sales team will verify if you are eligible for technical support. They will ask what is the problem, and will consult with a technican, who will call you back. In general we will answer all your questions related to the installation, and configuration of the purchased software products from Monday to Friday between 9:00-16:00 hours CET, provided you have a valid support service subscription.
Technical support in e-mail We reply to all your e-mail messages within 3 business days. Please send e-mail messages to info[at]ozeki.hu
Technical support in myOzeki.com We reply to all your myOzeki.com messages within 3 business days. Please create an Ozeki Account on myOzeki.com and compose messages in Inbox.
Technical support in Ozeki Chat When we open a support session, we will add your contact information to our Ozeki Chat access list. During the support case, you can see the availability of our technical colleagues and communicate with them using Ozeki instant chat messages. After the support session is finished, and the issue you have reported is resolved, you will be removed from the access list. Please create an Ozeki Account on myOzeki.com and install the myOzeki.com app on your mobile phone (app features are supported on iOS, Android smartphone). MyOzeki.com is available from a standard web browser.
Technical support using remote access consoles If you experience a problem that you cannot solve, you can give us remote access to your computer using one of the following remote console applications: AnyDesk, TeamViewer, VNC Viewer, Remote Administrator, Microsoft Terminal Services, Logme in, Remotely anywhere. Our technical colleague will log into your computer over the Internet and will try to solve the problem remotely. Currently our preferred remote consol application is AnyDesk or TeamViewer. On their website you need to register for the FREE service and send us your login name and the password.
Developer support* One of our primary objectives is to support software developers and system integrators. If you have questions related to software development, or you need an example code for a particular programming language, do not hesitate to ask! We will give you all the assistance you need, to help you get your development project started and completed successfully. In order to use this service, please register on the myOzeki.com website.
On-site support** Our engineer can visit you and help you configure or develop an SMS service. This can be very helpful if you wish to set up an IP SMS service with a GSM operator or if you start a software development project and you need a lot of immediate help. (The travel expenses between Budapest, Hungary and your site and the accommodation expenses in a 4 star hotel need to be covered.)

* Only available for Ozeki NG SMS Gateway 30 MPM or above.

What is not included in the technical support services:

Custom software development If you would like to develop an application, we will answer all your questions, and provide you with guidelines and an example code to assist you. The implementation of complex business logic, fancy user interfaces and large custom applications is not included in the support services. If you request one of these, we will give you a price quotation for the service or direct you to a software developer who can assist you in these projects.
Problems not related to our products Troubleshooting of problems not related to the purchased software products is not included in the technical support services.

Additional years of support can be purchased. The price of each additional year of support is 20% of the price paid at the original purchase. In order to get support service, please register on the myOzeki.com website.

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