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Top 10 benefits
of using your Android mobile
as an SMS gateway

Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway gives your business a powerful and effective solution to connect the GSM service and the IP networks. This technology provides you numerous benefits - especially if you are interested in sending bulk SMS. Check out the most important 10 advantages.

  1. Easy to get an Android phone for any GSM network

    Nowadays, Android is the most widespread mobile operation system. Many manufacturers produce Android-based mobile phones, so many Service Providers offer a wide range of Android products - for business users as well.

    On the other hand, all Service Providers allow Android in their mobile network. It makes bulk SMS sending possible through smartphones from the corporate system. It can not be prohibited by Service Providers.

  2. Easy SMPP gateway setup from Google Play App Store or from e-mail link

    There are two simple ways to download and install Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway:

    1. Download from Google Play app store
      Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway "Lite" and "Full" editions are available in Google Play. On our Download page you can find the appropriate QR codes.

    2. Download from ozekisms.com
      Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway "Full Plus" edition can be downloaded only from Ozeki download site.

  3. Take advantage of unlimited SMS plans

    The SIM tariff plan allows you to send unlimited SMS messages. It includes outgoing and incoming messages as well. Unlimited messaging makes it possible to send bulk SMS (for example notification SMS for your cliens or alert SMS for your employees, etc.).

  4. No wiring is needed

    In order to send and receive SMS messages through GSM modem connectivity, you need a reliable GSM device connected to your computer. You can attach your GSM modem to the computer with RS232 Serial Cable or USB Data Cable. In addition, you also need an AC/DC Adaptor in order to plug your modem into a light socket.

    For SMS messaging using Android SMPP SMS Gateway technology, no wiring is needed. There is no need for any phone-to-PC data cable or AC/DC Adaptor in order to work the Gateway.

  5. The phone can be accessed through WIFI or over the Internet, it can be anywhere in the world

    Your Android-based mobile phone can connect to your IP networks through WIFI or mobile Internet connectivity. As a result, no matter where your phone is, it will always be available. So free and automated bulk SMS sending can be achieved anytime and anywhere.

  6. VPN network connection can be used between your phone and your SMS Gateway for increased security

    VPN is the acronym for Virtual Private Network. VPN allows you to connect to the remote computers of a remote network via encryted channel over the Internet. As it uses encrypted channel, VPN connection guarantees safety.

    If you connect to the remote computers of a remote network you can use your mobile phone as if it would be the part of the remote network. There are three basic ways to be connected to a remote network through VPN: OpenVPN, PPTP MPPE VPN and L2TP IPSec VPN.

  7. You get delivery reports for sent SMS messages

    Delivery report is a confirmation from the SMSC that your SMS messages has arrived to the recipent mobile device.

    In a little more details: When you submit an SMS to the mobile network (to an SMSC), the message stays there until delivery becomes possible. When the recipent handset becomes available, your SMS is delivered to it. After successful delivery a so called delivery report is returned to the sender. This report includes the recipent phone number, the message reference (callback ID) and the timestamp of the delivery.

  8. Several Android phones can be connected to the same Ozeki NG SMS Gateway for increased performance

    You can get an Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway license for one mobile device. However, with more application license, it is possible to connect more Android-based mobile phone to the same Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software. As a result, your SMS messaging solution can be more effective.

  9. You can use the phone number of your SIM card as caller ID

    If you use GSM modem you can use the phone number of the SIM card attached to the GSM device as caller ID. In case of IP SMS connectivity you can provide a special caller ID.

    If you use Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway you can use the phone number of the SIM card placed into your smartphone.

  10. You can setup automated SMS services instantly with a general purpose phone (there is no need to purchase a GSM modem or to sign up for an Internet SMS service)

    This is one of the most important benefits of using your Android mobile phone as an SMS Gateway. Since it connects directly to GSM service, there is no need to purchase any GSM devices to sign up for an Internet SMS service. It makes your mobil messaging solution easier and more effective. Compare Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway and a conventional GSM modem


The article above presented the top 10 benefits of Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway: 1. easy to get an Android phone for any GSM network, 2. easy to setup, 3. advantages of unlimited SIM tariff plans, 4. no wiring is needed, 5. WIFI or over the Internet connectivity, 6. VPN network connection, 7. delivery reports, 8. several phone can be connected to Ozeki NG, 9. your SIM card is your caller ID, 10. there is no need to GSM modem or Internet SMS service subscription.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at info@ozekisms.com

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