Features of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

This page enlists the excellent features and functions of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway and it offers further links to the respective functions, as well. Please browse through the lists that are linked here to be familiar with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway's functions and utilization possibilities.

  • Key Features of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

    This page offers you the basic features of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway that needs to be familiar with before you start to operating with this software.

  • Technical datasheet

    Beside basic functions you can find the technical details of the SMS gateway on this page such as its technology, connectivity information, engine features, Graphical User Interface information.

  • SMS features

    This page enlists the features of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway that are related to sending SMS messages.

  • MMS features

    Find the main MMS features of the software to build a stable MMS system.

  • Menu functions

    On this page you will find all the main menu functions of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. Follow this page and you can learn what are these functions and how to use them to operate with SMS messages.

  • Management Console

    Learn how to use the Management Console of the SMS gateway. This page demonstrates its functions step by step, in this way, you can learn how to add a new service provider connection or a new user in the program.

  • Messages view

    This article enlists all the available functions of the Messages view of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. Therefore you will be familiar with the various message boxes of this interface.

  • Sending messages

    On this page you can learn how to send mobile messages from Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. The available message types will also be listed.


How can I purchase the product?

To get started, select the license that best suits your needs. We offer two convenient payment options:

  • Credit Card: Order your license directly on our website using a secure credit card payment system. (link removed for security)
  • Wire Transfer: If you prefer wire transfer, simply send an email to info@ozekisms.com to receive our bank details.
Once your payment is received, we'll send you a license code via email. Use this code to activate your installed software and unlock its full functionality.
More information is available at: How to buy page

Are there any hidden costs?

The Ozeki NG SMS Gateway license is a one-time purchase. There are no hidden fees or recurring subscriptions.

Important Note: While Ozeki covers the software, sending SMS messages itself incurs costs from your chosen SMS service provider. This is a separate fee you'll pay directly to your provider.

Can I get a proforma invoice prior to the order?

To facilitate informed purchasing decisions, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway offers proforma invoices upon request. These invoices provide a detailed breakdown of the license fees associated with your chosen license tier.

Following receipt of your information, a proforma invoice will be promptly delivered to your designated email address.

A final invoice reflecting the confirmed purchase details will be issued upon successful order placement. This invoice will serve as your official record of the transaction.

Will I get an invoice?

Yes, of course.

Once we receive your information and confirm your purchase, the final invoice will be promptly sent to your designated mailing address via postal mail.

What are the one time and monthly costs?

The Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software itself has a one-time licensing fee. The price varies depending on the features and message capacity you choose. There are no monthly software subscription fees.

It's important to remember that while Ozeki NG SMS Gateway handles the software side, sending SMS messages incurs separate costs from your chosen SMS service provider. This typically involves acquiring a SIM card with a GSM modem or an IP SMS connection. These services from your provider will likely have a monthly cost.

In summary, you pay a one-time fee for the Ozeki NG SMS Gateway license, and a separate monthly fee to your SMS service provider for the actual message transmission.

More information is available at: How to buy page

Can I install the application on two PC's?

An Ozeki NG SMS Gateway license is designed for use on a single production server. If you intend to run the software on two computers simultaneously for active use, you'll need to acquire two separate licenses.
There's one exception to this rule: backup purposes. If you have a secondary PC that solely functions as a backup for your primary server (and isn't operational during normal use), you may not need a second license for that backup system.

I have installed the software in a temporary machine for testing. When our final machine arrives, I want to transfer my license. Do I have to do a de-activate procedure on the temporary machine?

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway offers a convenient license transfer system. You can move your license to a new computer without deactivating it on the old one. Simply uninstall the software from the previous machine.

Please note that there's a limit of three transfers per license. Plan your deployments accordingly to stay within this limit.

What is MPM?

Message per minute.

The Ozeki NG SMS Gateway 10 MPM license provides the traffic handling power to send or receive up to 10 SMS messages per minute, ensuring smooth communication.

What is MPS?

MPS means Messages Per Second.

With a traffic flow rate of 1 MPS, the Ozeki NG SMS Gateway 1 license lets you process messages at a rate of 1 message per second in either direction (sending or receiving).

If I have a 20 MPS license, how is this speed distributed between incoming and outgoing messages?

The capacity is used evenly.

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway maximizes message processing efficiency with its dynamic MPS allocation feature. Here's how it works:

  • Balanced Traffic Flow: When you have messages waiting to be sent and received simultaneously, the gateway allocates your total MPS capacity equally. For example, with a 20 MPS license, 10 MPS would be dedicated to outgoing messages and 10 MPS to incoming messages, ensuring smooth two-way communication.
  • Prioritizing Backlogs: If there are no incoming messages waiting, the entire capacity (e.g., 20 MPS) is directed towards sending messages in the outbox, minimizing outbound delays.
  • Unimpeded Reception: Conversely, if the outbox is empty, all MPS capacity is channeled towards receiving incoming messages from the SMSC (Short Message Service Center), ensuring timely message delivery.
In essence, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway intelligently adapts its MPS allocation based on real-time traffic conditions, optimizing message processing and ensuring smooth communication.

Do delivery reports effect my message capacity?

No, delivery reports will not decrease the available capacity of your system.

With a 20 MPS license for Ozeki NG SMS Gateway, you gain the power to process up to 20 messages per second. This impressive capacity applies to sending outgoing messages, independent of any incoming delivery reports.

How do multipart SMS messages count in the MPS limit?

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway treats a multipart message, even if split into multiple segments, as a single message when considering your MPS limit. This ensures efficient use of your messaging capacity.

For example, with a 20 MPS license, you can send up to 20 messages per second even if all those messages require multiple segments due to exceeding the character limit. In this scenario, if each message breaks down into 3 segments, you could effectively process 60 SMS segments per second (20 messages * 3 segments/message).

If I have a high capacity license, but a service provider limits the maximum number of messages per minute, what can I do?

You can limit the speed on a per connection basis.

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway empowers you to regulate the rate at which messages are sent through your IP SMS service provider. Navigate to the "General settings" tab within the configuration form for your specific provider connection (e.g., SMPP). There, you'll find the "Limit speed to" checkbox. Once enabled, you can define the maximum message throughput in messages per minute (MPM).

What is a service provider connection?

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway empowers you to configure more than one service provider connection, unlocking valuable advantages:

  • Cost-Effective Routing: Leverage "least cost routing" to choose the most economical connection for each message based on your service provider pricing.
  • Enhanced Reliability: Establish a backup connection. If your primary connection encounters issues, the secondary connection ensures uninterrupted service.
  • Increased Message Throughput: Implement "load balancing" to distribute message traffic across multiple connections, significantly boosting your overall SMS processing capacity.
In summary, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway offers versatile connection options to fit your specific needs. You can choose between IP SMS or GSM modem connections, and even configure multiple connections to optimize cost efficiency, reliability, and message handling capacity.

What is a user?

An office user or a client application that sends SMS messages. The user limit in your license specifies how many user accounts can be created.

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway lets various software programs ("users") connect to send and receive SMS messages. Think of it as a central messaging hub for your applications. For example, your finance and marketing systems can connect separately, each counting as a user.

Each user (like your finance system) can send SMS to a vast number of phones. There's no limit on recipients!

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