Features of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

This page enlists the features of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. The list below includes all the primary functions of the gateway software that is important and essential for corporate users. Please browse through the page and learn the excellent features of this software product.

Key features

Intelligent Message Sending The built-in Ozeki Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows convenient and efficient SMS sending from your computer. If a message cannot be sent out for any reason the intelligent message sending capability handles these situations. Therefore the software tries to re-send it a couple of times. If it cannot send the message, the user will be notified.
Receiving Messages The built-in Ozeki Graphical User Interface (GUI) makes SMS receiving easy and simple.
Message Forwarding Forwarding incoming messages to other phone numbers is also easy and effective due to the GUI.
Support of all SMS features and protocols It offers a wider range of SMS services and allows continuous development.
Support of MMS standards and protocols With this feature you can realize MMS based value added service to broaden the services of your company.
Two-way SMS/MMS With this functionality you can send and receive messages in your system in a convenient and efficient way.
Message Replies The GUI allows the user to reply to any incoming message easily.
Message Templates Message templates are the predefined messages that allow to speed up sending messages. You just need to select one of them and edit it.
Addressbook The software offers a central addressbook that can be synchronized with an SQL database.
Group Messaging If you often send numbers of SMS messages with the same content this feature will make sending SMS easier and more simple.
Message History The SMS gateway creates log files about sent and received messages, in this way, you can track back your messages easily.
Message Folders This function offers an excellent solution for organizing messages in a way that the SMS gateway creates new folders for messages.
Integrated Printing It allows you to print all your messages and even your log files
Multiple Device Support Due to this function you can achieve faster SMS sending by attaching more than one GSM device to your computer.
Multiple Connectivity This feature provides an option to connect to the mobile network with multiple SMSC/MMSC connections or with multiple GSM devices
Integrated Microsoft Excel Support The built-in Excel support makes it possible to send SMS messages directly from Excel.
MS Outlook Support With Ozeki NG SMS Gateway you can send SMS messages from a standard e-mail client.
Remote User Interface It is possible to install the remote user interface of your Ozeki NG SMS Gateway on one of the computer in the office. In this way anyone can send and receive messages who has a username and password from any of the computer on which the remote interface of the software has been installed.
Multi-user architecture Practically, multi-user architecture means that more than one user can connect to the SMS gateway with username and password at the same time to send SMS messages. The great feature of this function is that users cannot disturb each other as they have separate message queues. This ensures that they have the same priority.
Message priorities The built-in priority system allows simultaneous tasks and SMS messaging in the SMS gateway. It is important if bulk SMS sending is often applied in your system. This priority system is based on message queues as there is a separate message queue for each user. The gateway takes one outgoing message from each queue (if there are outgoing messages in more than one queue), in this way, the same priority is ensured to all of the messages.
Connection management The software provides automatic reconnection on service provider link failures, on wireless link failures and on application/user link failures (Database connection, HTTP connection, etc)
Predefined user profiles The built-in user profiles for administrators and standard users makes simplified and standardized messaging possible.
Support Unicode messages The SMS gateway supports all the international character maps and special characters of languages (e.g. Arabic). In this way, sending and displaying messages with special character content will be simply and easy.
Bulk Messaging This function allows to send numbers of messages to multiple recipients.
New 2 way E-mail to SMS function SMS delivered to network and SMS delivered to handset reports can be returned to the e-mail sender and reply SMS messages can also be returned in e-mail. More information is available at: Email to SMS feature.
VoIP supportNew, fantastic VoIP support feature allows you to send prerecorded voice messages with Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway. With this new feature, a more personal way of information sharing becomes available. With just a few clicks, the software can call everyone on your contact list and play your voice message for them. Find out more at: VoIP support.
Integration with other applications Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be configured to provide SMS functionality to various applications in your corporate IT network. Please find more information on
www.sms-integration.com page.

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