Installation Guide

This guide provides a general introduction to the installation of the Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway software, as well as the basic configuration procedure. This guide is primarily intended for IT professionals familiar with Windows operating systems.

The Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway software enables you to use your computer to send and receive SMS messages to and from mobile devices. It allows SMS messaging in two ways: directly connecting to the SMS Center of a GSM service provider over the Internet or connecting to it using a GSM modem attached to the PC with a phone-to-PC data cable.

Direct connection to the SMS Center has several advantages, including a greater speed and reliability. Note, however, that it requires you to set up an IP SMS account with one ore more GSM service providers.

For SMS messaging with a GSM modem, you need to use a suitable GSM device. For more information, check out the following section: Supported mobile phones

To run the Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway software, your computer needs to meet certain hardware and software requirements. For details about them, check out the Prerequisites of the SMS system building page.

To obtain the software, you can simply download it from the website dedicated to the product. To find out more about the download of the software and some other programs required for the use of Ozeki NG, check out the Download Information page.

When you have downloaded the software, you will need to install it. This simple process is clearly explained on the Installation Steps page.

After you have installed the software you can start to configure service provider connections in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to be able to send SMS messages. The detailed configuration process can be found under Service provider connections page.

You can also install numbers of various users in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to send and receive SMS messages as they allow automated mobile messaging, as well. Please find the configuration guides of the various users under Users and applications page.

On Linux page you will find detailed information on how to install Ozeki NG SMS Gateway on Linux.

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