SMS Service Provider Connections

This chapter explains SMS service provider connectivity and provides information detailing how to configure different service provider connections for SMS messaging using the Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway software.

In SMS messaging using Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway, a service provider is an entity that is responsible for sending and delivering SMS messages from users/applications of the program to recipient mobile phones, and responsible for sending SMS messages from mobile phones to Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway, which will deliver them to users/applications of the program.

To be able to send and receive SMS messages using Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway, you need to pay one or more GSM service providers for the service described above, and you have to connect Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway to the SMS Center of one or more service providers.

You can do this in two ways:

  • You can connect directly to the SMS Center of a GSM service provider over the Internet (IP SMS connection). In this case, you need to make a contract with the service provider. In compensation for your subscription, the GSM service provider will provide you with the information required for connecting to the SMS Center over the Internet (hostname, port, username, password).

  • You can connect to the SMS Center using a GSM modem attached to the PC with a phone-to-PC data cable. In this case you pay for the service by buying a SIM card from the service provider.

Direct connection to the SMS Center by setting up an IP SMS account with one or more GSM service providers has several advantages, including a greater speed and reliability.

The SMS service provider determines which protocols can be used to establish a direct connection. SMPP protocol is the most widely used. UCP, CMD2, HTTP/HTTPS and other protocols are used by different providers.

sending bulk sms through a mobile service provider
Figure 1 - How to send and receive SMS to the mobile service providers using the Ozeki NG SMS gateway

For SMS messaging with a GSM modem, you need to use a suitable GSM device. For more information, check out the following guide: Recommended hardware / GSM modems

The format of SMS messages exchanged between Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway and the SMS Center of the GSM service provider is governed by an SMS protocol. When you install a service provider connection, you have to select the appropriate protocol. The service provider will tell you which protocol to use and will give you the protocol-specific parameters, such as the username and password, IP address etc.

Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway allows the installation and configuration of the following protocols / service provider connections:

  • SMPP(Short Message Peer-to-Peer Protocol): SMPP SMS software can connect to mobile service providers. Ozeki has a built-in SMPP SMS software that provides an SMPP connection to the mobile service providers and complies with the SMPP standard.
  • UCP :

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