Client Software

Most users have the tools installed and ready on their machines to communicate with Ozeki SMS Gateway. You can serve desktop clients with Standard User accounts installed on SMS Gateway. These desktop clients can send or receive SMS messages if they know the username and password of any Standard User. You can try the following client software:

Command Line Client
You can send SMS messages with Ozeki SMS Gateway's Command Line Client (SendSMS.exe) by using command line arguments. It can be easily done by executing SendSMS.exe with important command line arguments like Ozeki SMS Gateway's IP address, login details, recepient address and message content.
Read more about SendSMS.exe which was developed for Ozeki SMS Gateway
Excel Client - VBA
You can choose to send SMS messages from Microsoft Excel to mobile phones. Make sure that Ozeki SMS Gateway is installed on your machine. MS Excel is also necessary for this solution. You can ensure reliable and fast SMS messaging to improve your corporate communication.
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Excel Client II
It is possible to send SMS messages generated from XLS files to mobile phones. XLS files can be easily created with any spreadsheet developer software like Microsoft Excel or Libre Office. Try sending SMS messages from XLS sheets with Ozeki Excel Client II through Ozeki SMS Gateway.
Read more about Excel Client II which was developed for Ozeki SMS Gateway

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