SMS modem installation (Multitech)

The MultiTech MultiModem Quad band EDGE modem w/USB MTCBA-E-U is an excellent choice for SMS messaging. It works well with Ozeki NG 10 and Ozeki 10. This is a high speed, professional wireless cellular modem. It operates at 230400 baud, 8N1, which is one of the highest speeds we have found in USB modems. It is very reliable. It does not require an external power supply, it powers itself over the USB port.

What is a GSM modem?

A GSM modem is a hardware device that can provide you connection to a service provider. It requires a SIM card to work. It is mostly used to send out automated or bulk messages.

How sending SMS through a GSM modem works

This SMS sending solution makes sending SMS messages from your computer possible. This solution consists of a computer with the Ozeki SMS Gateway installed, a MultiTech modem and the recipient's mobile phone. The computer with the Ozeki SMS Gateway application is responsible for compiling the message. It needs an address and a text body. It will submit the SMS message for sending through the MultiTech SMS modem which will communicate with a service provider. The service provider will deliver the message to the address phone number as an SMS message.

send sms pc to gms modem
Figure 1 - Send SMS PC to GMS modem

How to send SMS with a GSM modem (Clear steps)

To send SMS with a GSM modem:

  1. Insert the SIM card into the gsm modem
  2. Plug the antenna into the modem
  3. Connect the modem to your PC with USB cable
  4. Launch the Ozeki SMS Gateway
  5. Run the sms modem autodetection
  6. Specify the sms phone number
  7. Write the text of the SMS message
  8. Click on Send to send the SMS
  9. Review the test SMS message you sent

MultiTech MultiModem SMS setup (video tutorial)

In this video you will learn how you can set up a MultiTech MultiModem to send text messages (SMS) using a USB cable. For this setup you need the modem itself, a SIM card, an antenna and a USB cable. First we insert the SIM card into the modem, then we connect the antenna to the modem as well. Now we can connect the modem with the USB cable to the computer. Once the modem is successfully connected to the PC, the power led will light up to indicate that it is working.

Ozeki SMS modem configuration (video tutorial)

This video tutorial shows you how you can install and configure an sms modem connection in Ozeki SMS Gateway. In this video we use a MultiTech MultiModem, which is automatically detected as the port by the Autodetect system. After it has been detected, we can turn the connection on and send a text message. We type in our message and phone number, then click on Send. We can see that the message was successfully sent and shows up on the mobile device.

Drivers for Windows 10

MultiTech SMS modem documents

Get the parts that you need to connect the modem successfully

To connect the modem successfully, you need a SIM card, an antenna, a USB cable and the modem itself to set up your Multitech SMS modem to your PC. (All shown in Figure 2)
Make sure that you have all the hardwares that you need to use the modem because every little detail is important.

the parts you need to connect the modem succesfully
Figure 2 - The parts you need to connect the modem succesfully

Insert the SIM card into the modem

The first step that you have to perform is to plug the SIM card into the modem. This procedure is similar to inserting a SIM card to a mobile phone. The SIM card makes the connection between the modem and the network.
(Demonstrated in Figure 3)

insert sim card into the modem
Figure 3 - The SIM card inserted into the modem

Connect the antenna to the modem

After inserting the SIM card, you have to connect the modem to its antenna. Make sure that it is connected corretly in order to get best performance. The function of the antenna is to transmit and receive signals. (Shown in Figure 4)

connect antenna to the modem
Figure 4 - The antenna connected to the modem

Insert the USB cable into the modem

The next step is to insert the USB cable into the modem. This will connect the modem to your computer, so it is advised to use a perfectly working cable to avoid disconnections. (Figure 5)

the usb cable have to be inserted
Figure 5 - The USB cable have to be inserted

Plug the USB cable into your computer

Lastly, the other end of the USB cable have to be connected to your PC. Plug it into the computer (As you can see on Figure 6)

the usb cable connected to the pc
Figure 6 - The USB cable connected to the PC

Check the power led

If you have done everything right until this point the power led on the modem should be on. (Shown in Figure 7) In order to control the modem with AT commands (at+cmgs) in Text mode or PDU mode, it is necessary to assemble the GSM modem in the same way.

check power led if the modem is turned on
Figure 7 - The modem is turned on now

Open Ozeki SMS Gateway

Now your modem is ready to be configured. The first step you have to fulfill is to open Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway on your desktop. To open the program, click on the Ozeki Desktop shortcut twice. (Figure 8)

open ozeki ten sms gateway
Figure 8 - Open Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway

Log in with your Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway account

Next, log in with your Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway account by typing in your username and password. This account has to be created during the installation process. Only created accounts can be used during this process. (Shown in Figure 9)

login with your ozeki ten sms gateway account
Figure 9 - Login with your Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway account

Add new connection in the SMS Gateway

In the SMS Gateway application, the first thing that you need to do is to create a new connection. This can be done in the Connections panel where you have to click on the Add new connection... link. (As you can see on Figure 10)

add new connection in the sms gateway
Figure 10 - Add new connection in the SMS Gateway

Select the SMS modem connection to install

The next window lists you all the connections that you can create in the SMS Gateway application. Now you have to look for the Wireless connections install list and select the SMS modem install item by clicking on the Install link. This will allow you to use the modem in the Ozeki SMS Gateway. (Demonstrated in Figure 11)

select the sms modem connection to install
Figure 11 - Select the SMS modem connection to install

Autodetect the port where you connected the modem

In the installation menu, at the General tab, you can find the Serial port groupbox. In Port combobox you need to select the port where you connected the modem. For autodetection, just click on the Autodetect button. The Autodetect button will recognize your device if it is connected properly. (Figure 12)

autodetect the port where you connected the modem
Figure 12 - Autodetect the port where you connected the modem

Check the information

This Autodetect option will detect your modem, and if it is connected right, the following window should show up with information about your connected modem and SIM card. You can check in this window that every detail is right with the hardware and the SIM card, just to make sure that you are using the proper hardware. Click the Ok button if you finished reading. (Figure 13)

details of the detected modem
Figure 13 - Details of the detected modem

Send an SMS message using the modem connection

At this point, you have an SMS modem connection in the SMS Gateway application. To handle SMS messages with this connection, first, you need to enable the connection (Figure 14) by turning on the switch button in the connection details window. The green color shows that you enabled SMS modem connection. Important to note that you can't ignore this step because it is required to have an enabled connection to send SMS.

turn on the sms modem connection
Figure 14 - Turn on the SMS modem connection

Give the recipient's address

After you enable the connection, go to the Test tabpage. It has a General tab, select it and you will find the Recipient and SMS groupboxes. To send the SMS, you need to type the phone number of the recipient into the To: textbox. (Figure 15)

type the address where you want to send the sms message
Figure 15 - Type the address where you want to send the SMS message

Type in the test message

Next, just type the test message to the SMS groupbox. This message will be sent as an SMS to the previously given address. You can write whatever you want. (Shown in Figure 16)

write the text of the sms message
Figure 16 - The text of the SMS message

Send the SMS

If you are ready to send the SMS message, just click on the Send button (Figure 17).

the sms can be sent by clicking on the send button
Figure 17 - The SMS can be sent by clicking on the Send button

Check the test message

If you did everything in the right way, the message will be received by the recipient, as you can see in the test phone. This message is a simple SMS, just like the ones that you would get from other people. This shows you that you are ready to use the Ozeki SMS Gateway and the MultiTech MultiModem for your purposes. (Figure 18)

the received sms message
Figure 18 - The received SMS message

Quick Data sheet

Form Factor External
Manufacturer Multi-Tech Systems Inc.
Interface Type USB
Connectivity Technology wireless
Max Transfer Rate 240 Kbps
Fax Compatibility G3
Cellular Protocol EDGE, GPRS, GSM
Antenna External detachable
Antenna Qty 1
Package Type OEM
Connector Type RJ-9
Min Operating Temperature -30°C
Max Operating Temperature +65°C
Brand Multi-Tech
Product-Line Multi-Tech MultiModem EDGE
Packaged Quantity 1
Compatibility PC


As you can see in the guide, the MultiTech MultiModem works really well with Ozeki SMS Gateway. Using them together lets you send messages from your computer, helping your company to grow bigger. You can use this to send out automated or bulk messages. After you went through the steps, got the needed hardware and software, you will be able to send SMS using your computer.

You can download the Ozeki SMS products and you can read about SMS hardwares.

Now it is time to get Ozeki 10 and a MultiTech MultiModem to your company and start working with them!

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