Sunrise Switzerland

This document explains how you can setup an IP SMS connection that connects you directly to the Short Message Service Center (SMSC) of Sunrise. This is a web service based link. It allows you to send and receive SMS messages and SMS delivery reports to the mobile network.

Firstly, add new service provider connection by clicking on the left-hand sided Connections panel's "Add new connection" link.

add service provider
Figure 1 - Add service provider

When you open the "Add new connection" link, the "Add a connection" list will appear on the right side of the GUI. Look for IP SMS connections install list and select the SMPP client install item to use the SMS Sunrise protocol.

install sunrise connection
Figure 2 - Install Sunrise connection

Click on the SMS Sunrise Install link which will bring up to you a configuration page where you need to enter some neccessary informations. Add a unique username and a password to set up the connection.

configure connection details
Figure 3 - Configure connection details

At your PC's start menu, you have to search for the "Windows Defender Firewall".

open firewall settings
Figure 4 - Open firewall settings

Choose the "Advanced Settings" at the left side of the control panel.

advanced firewall settings
Figure 5 - Advanced firewall settings

Choose the "Inbound Rules" option from the control panel, then select the "New Rule" option that can be found at the upper right side of the page.

add new inbound rule
Figure 6 - Add new inbound rule

By clicking on the "New Rule" link, a Rule Wizard window will appear, where you have to choose the "Port" option that controls connections for a TCP or UDP port.

select rule type
Figure 7 - Select rule type

Click on the "Next" button, then at the "Specific local ports" enter the 2500-2501 portal code.

specify ports
Figure 8 - Specify ports

Choose the "Allow the connection" option then click on "Next" button.

allow connection
Figure 9 - Allow connection

Allow all the given options to apply this rule,so click on the "Next" button.

apply the rule
Figure 10 - Apply the rule

Now, you need to define rule name. Type the "Sunrise" name to the box. Then click on "Finish" button at the bottom.

specify rule name
Figure 11 - Specify rule name

As a result, you can see now the inbound rule that has been created.

inbound rule created
Figure 12 - Inbound rule created

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