How to send pager messages via SNPP using Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

This guide provides detailed information on how to install and configure SNPP connection in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. The Simple Network Paging Protocol (SNPP) allows you to send messages to pagers over the Internet.

What is a pager

A pager (or beeper) is a device designed for short messages. A pager is a one-way telecommunication device, meaning that it can only receive short messages. This message can hold a few digits (typically a phone number). Usually, the user of a pager is requested to call this phone number.

Pagers are still in use today in places where mobile phones typically cannot reach users, and also in places where the operation of the radio transmitters contained in mobile phones is problematic or prohibited (e.g. in a hospital complex).

What is SNPP protocol and how does it work?

Simple Network Paging Protocol (in short, SNPP) is a protocol that allows a pager to receive messages over the Internet. Most major paging providers support this protocol. SNPP also serves as an alternative method to paging modems that are used by telecommunications services.

SNPP is a simple protocol that sends out a page by using only well-documented commands via TCP/IP. In order to connect to an SNPP server, a telnet client and the address of the SNPP server are required. SNPP servers have a standard port, it is port 444.

For sending text messages via SNPP the follows are required: the port settings of the paging carrier and the pin or ID of the pager. The pin and ID is often the numeric pager number but not always. Maximum message length can be carrier-dependent.

SNPP is a fairly new protocol so if you are in the need of paging software that supports SNPP, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is the ideal choice. The latest version supports SNPP in addition to other popular wireless communication protocols.

Configuration steps

As Service Provider Connections page already explains, in order to send and receive messages (even pager messages) using Ozeki NG SMS Gateway, you need to install and configure one or more service provider connections. One of the available service provider connections is SNPP connection.

The Simple Network Paging Protocol (SNPP) is for sending messages to pagers over the Internet.

For configuring SNPP connection you can use the graphical user interface of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.

To start installing and configuring an SNPP connection, click the Add button in the top right-hand corner of the Service providers panel on the left of the Management Console interface. (To find out how to open this interface, check out the QuickStart Guide.)

You can also add a service provider connection by clicking the Add service provider item in the Service providers menu.

After you have clicked one of these, the Add service provider panel will show up on the right of the interface. The panel contains a list of protocols you can install and use for communication with an SMS service provider.

To select the SNPP connection, click on Install next to it in the list (Figure 1).

install snpp connection
Figure 1 - Install SNPP connection

Then in Connection information section of General tab you can specify the IP address (in Server field) and the port of the SNPP connection. In Keepalive period field you can enter the time period in which a keepalive message should be sent to keep the connection alive (Figure 2). Finally, click OK.

connection information
Figure 2 - Connection information

After clicking OK, the SNPP connection is setup and you can start to sending messages to pagers (Figure 3).

snpp connection is setup
Figure 3 - SNPP connection is setup

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