How to provide SMS Service for SMPP clients

If you have Ozeki NG SMS Gateway installed on your server, you can provide SMS service for your applications (or your customers). Your applications can connect to Ozeki NG SMS Gateway over the SMPP protocol. This is possible because Ozeki NG SMS Gateway has a built in SMPP SMSC. In this guide you can read about how you can configure your Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to provide SMPP Service.

1. Introduction

In this example, we configure Ozeki NG SMS gateway to provide SMS service over the SMPP protocol for two SMS Client Applications (User John and User Paul). These applications will connect to the built in SMSC of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway (Figure 1).I assume the Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software was installed on a server that has an IP address of:

smpp clients connect to the build in smsc of ozeki ng sms gateway
Figure 1 - SMPP Clients connect to the build in SMSC of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

After installation Ozeki NG SMS Gateway will automatically start the build in SMSC on port 9500. This means that the SMPP Client Applications (User John and User Paul) will connect to on port 9500. The SMPP Protocol they will use is SMPP v3.4 and the connection type will be Transceiver.

2. How to setup an SMPP user account for SMPP Client Application (User John)

To make it possible for User John to connect to the built in SMSC of the Ozeki NG SMS Gateway, you have to create an SMPP User account. To do this you should click on Add user in the Management console (Figure 2).

click on add user
Figure 2 - Click on Add user

The next step is to select the SMPP User type and click on install (Figure 3).

select user type smpp user
Figure 3 - Select user type SMPP User

Then you have to provide the username and password. The username should be: john (Figure 4). The password can be wpsd123 (Figure 5).

smpp client username john
Figure 4 - SMPP Client username: john

smpp client password wpsdonetwothree
Figure 5 - SMPP Client password: wpsd123

After clicking OK on the SMPP user configuration form, your SMPP user account is successfully created. Following this your SMPP client application can connect to the build in SMSC of your Ozeki NG SMS Gateway using the following connection information. This connection information should be configured in the SMPP Client Application of User John:

SMPP Connection Information for User John:

SMPP Host:
SMPP version:3.4
SMPP bind:transceiver
SMPP system type:SMPP

More detailed information on how to create accounts for SMPP client connections, can be found in the How to add an SMPP user guide. If you repeat the same steps for the client application user Paul, he will also be able to connect to the built in SMSC over SMPP. For example if you specify the password wp44sd55 for user Paul, he can connect to your Ozeki NG SMS Gateway using the following parameters:

SMPP Host:
SMPP version:3.4
SMPP bind:transceiver
SMPP system type:SMPP

3. Configuring an SMPP Service Provider connection

Setting up client connections of course, is not enough to get the SMS messages to the wireless network. To make it possible to deliver SMS messages to mobile users, you have to configure an SMS Service Provider connection. You can use IP SMS connections such as SMPP, UCP, CIMD2 to connect to your SMS service provider over the Internet or you can simply attach a GSM modem to your computer with a phone-to-pc data cable to send and receive the SMS messages. In our example (presented on Figure 1.), we attach to the SMS service provider using the SMPP IP SMS protocol. We configure our Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to connect using SMPP to host, port 3456.

To configure this connection, please add an SMPP service provider connection by clicking on "Add" in the management console (Figure 6).

click add to start the service provider connection installation procedure
Figure 6 - Click add to start the service provider connection installation procedure

From the list, you have to select the SMPP Connection, then you have to click on install. This will install an SMPP service provider connection(Figure 7).

install an smpp service provider connection
Figure 7 - Install an SMPP service provider connection

After you have clicked install, you will be presented with the configuration form of the SMPP service provider configuration. On this form you have to configure the connection details of the SMS Service provider connection. The connection details are provided by the SMS Service provider. For example if the GSM network operator Vodafone provides you the SMS Service, they will give you a data sheet with the following information:

Connection details provided by your SMS Service provider (e.g.: Vodafone):

SMPP Host:

You receive the information presented in above table when you sign up for their service. This information can be entered on the SMPP Service provider configuration form (Figure 8).

configure the smpp connection details
Figure 8 - Configure the SMPP connection details

After the configuration details are entered you can click connect to start the service. That's all you have to do.

4. More information

With Ozeki NG SMS Gateway you can add more than one service provider connection. If more then one connection is available you can use inbound SMS routing and outbound SMS routing to adjust the system according to your needs. You may also want to keep track of all the SMS Messages sent or received for accounting purposes. If this is a requirement, you can configure SQL logging to save a record of all outgoing and incoming messages into a database.

More information