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Detailed description of SQL statements

This page provides you detailed information on the various SQL statements of database user. Please browse through the screenshots to learn how and when the statements are executed during the SMS sending process.

Polling statement will be executed by default in every "10" seconds. The time of the execution can be set in "Check the ozekimessageout table every ... sec. for outgoing messages (Figure 1).

polling statement
Figure 1 - Polling statement

Figure 2 demonstrates that the database has been polled and there is no outgoing message in the database table.

no outgoing message
Figure 2 - No outgoing message

If there are outgoing messages in the database they will return with the polling statement and the database user updates record to "Sending" (Figure 3).

outgoing messages
Figure 3 - Outgoing message

Sending statement is executed if Polling was successful and there is an outgoing message in the table (Figure 4).

sending statement
Figure 4 - Sending statement

Then messages are forwarded to the Service Provider in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway via outbound route (Figure 5).

messages forwarded to the service provider
Figure 5 - Messages forwarded to the service provider

If the Service Provider of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway forwards the message to the SMSC (SMS center), the Service provider will return that "Message delivered to network". In this case the database user will update the record to "Sent" (Figure 6).

message delivered to network
Figure 6 - Message delivered to network

If the message has been sent from the Service provider in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway Sent statement is executed (Figure 7).

sent statement
Figure 7 - Sent statement

If the Service provider of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway cannot forward the message to the SMSC for some reason, the status of the message will be "Message not sent" in the SMS gateway. The database user then updates the record to "Not sent" (Figure 8).

message cannot be delivered
Figure 8 - Message cannot be delivered to network

If the message cannot be sent to the service provider in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway Not sent will be executed (Figure 9).

not sent statement
Figure 9 - Not sent statement

If the SMSC sends a delivery report containing "Message delivered to handset" the database user will update the record to "Delivered" (Figure 10).

message is delivered to handset
Figure 10 - Message is delivered to handset

If the delivery report contains "Message successfully delivered to handset", Delivered statement will be executed (Figure 11).

delivered statement
Figure 11 - Delivered statement

If the delivery has been failed the database user will update the record to "Undelivered" (Figure 12).

message delivery failed
Figure 12 - Message delivery failed

If the SMSC reports that the message cannot be delivered, Undelivered statement will be executed (Figure 13).

undelivered statement
Figure 13 - Undelivered statement

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