How to connect to Access 2007

On this page you will be provided with detailed information on how to connect to Access 2007 database. Follow the steps and screenshots below to configure this connection. Please find the connection string, as well.

Download the database used in the example: ozeki_database.accdb

Configuration steps

Before you start to configure your database connection, you need to create two database tables: "ozekimessagein" and "ozekimessageout". Figure 1 and Figure 2 demonstrate how these tables should be created.

ozekimessagein database table
Figure 1 - "ozekimessagein" database table

ozekimessageout database table
Figure 2 - "ozekimessageout" database table

Please note that in our example Access 2007 database is placed on the desktop (Figure 3).

database placed on desktop
Figure 3 - Database placed on desktop

Figure 4 demonstrates the path to Access 2007 database.

path to database
Figure 4 - Path to databases

Now you need to install a database user in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. You need to specify the database connection string for your database server. First select "OleDb" for "Connection string type". Then provide the following Connection string (Figure 5):

Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=PathToYourDatabase;Persist
Security Info=False

Please note that you need to provide the path to your database after "Data Source=" part in the connection string.

connection string for the database
Figure 5 - Connection string for the database

Then on "SQL for sending" tab you need to remove apostrophes around the $id keyword in all SQL templates (Figure 6).

remove apostrophes
Figure 6 - Remove apostrophes from update statements

This concludes the configuration of the connection.

Testing the configuration

To test the configuration insert a row Into "ozekimessageout" table with an SQL INSERT command. Click on "Execute" (Figure 7).

insert row into ozekimessageout table
Figure 7 - Insert a row into ozekimessageout table

In the Outbox of the database user in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway you can see the sent message (Figure 8).

sent message
Figure 8 - Sent message

Figure 9 shows the incoming message for database user in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.

incoming message
Figure 9 - Incoming message

Now to see the inserted rows, query all row from "ozekimessagein" table with an SQL SELECT command and click on "Execute" (Figure 10).

select statements
Figure 10 - Select statements

As a result of the SQL SELECT command, you can see the incoming message in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway (Figure 11).

inserted row
Figure 11 - Inserted row

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