We introduce you the usage of addressbook in according to the following figures. This figure displays for us how to use the addressbook.

Clicking on the Contacts button the Addressbook appears in the NG user interface. You can create a new group, a new contact person. Of course these data can be deleted, or edit by helping of the buttons.

This figure shows us, how to send messages from the addressbook. You have a choice to send the same messages those people, who have been generated under the same group (eg.: Friends group) by clicking of Friends group. (Figure 1 ).

watching contacts in the addressbook in ozeki ng
Figure 1 - Contacts in the addressbook

Clicking on the New group link can create a new group (Figure 2).

specifying new group in ozeki ng
Figure 2 - specify new group

You can add new contact to click on the New contact link. On the form you can select the group in the list (Figure 3).

specifying new contact in ozeki ng
Figure 3 - specify new contact

When you write the message you can add the group member/contact person by clicking on their name to the recipient's list. (Figure 4).

Add contacts or groups to the recipient's list
Figure 4 - add contacts or groups to the recipient's list

Service with address book
You can create an easy way subscription list to the groups automatically. (Figure 5).

creating the subscription list automatically
Figure 5 - creating subscription list automatically

Step 1 Create a group.
Step 2 Click on the edit button of the group in the group list.
Step 3 Click on the Subscribe/Unsubscribe tab.
Step 4 Check the check box.
Step 5 Specify the subscription keyword, welcome message, the keyword to unsubscribe and leaving message.
Step 6 Save the form.

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