How to schedule SMS in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

On this page you can read detailed instructions on how you can schedule SMS sending time in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. You can achieve this function by selecting SMS schedule option during composing a message. Please follow the screen shots and instructions to learn the steps of this configuration.


SMS scheduler function of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway lets you handle message correspondence in a timely manner. In practice, this solution allows you to specify the exact time for later sending of your SMS messages. In this way you can prepare messages to be sent and after you scheduled its delivery you can leave the process alone as your SMS gateway will realize the delivery process.

This solution can be applied if you need to send important messages at an exact time but you do not have enough time to compose them. SMS scheduling function allows you to prepare messages and scheduled them for later sending. Therefore it is the best solution if you want to send greetings and do not want to forget it. It is also proper for sending SMS messages to different time zones or if you need to forward important business data at exact time.

The great advantage of this solution is that it allows to send multiple messages to multiple recipients and you can save and schedule them separately. This function allows to prepare your messages and schedule them to delivery by specifying the exact time of delivery. This is an easy-to-handle feature of the gateway that ensures convenience for you. By enabling SMS schedule option you can be sure that you will not forgot any important date or event.

In Ozeki NG SMS Gateway SMS scheduling works as follows: during composing a message you can enable "Schedule for later sending" option. A form appears on which you need to specify the time of sending and click on "OK". After this the message is stored in "Scheduled" folder of the user and when the time is due, the message is replaced into "Sent" folder and sent to the recipient specified during composition. Now read the step by step instructions below on how you can implement this solution properly.

You can configure this solution with the help of the User Interface of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.

Steps for configure SMS scheduling in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

In Ozeki NG SMS Gateway you can set the time of delivery for later sending. You can do this in the following way. First, you need to log into Ozeki NG SMS Gateway with your username and password (Figure 1).

log into ozeki ng sms gateway
Figure 1 - Log into Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

Click on "Compose" icon at the toolbar to create a new message (Figure 2).

composing a new letter in ozeki ng sms gateway
Figure 2 - Compose message icon

Select the message type at the left side of the interface. "Compose a text message" window appears and here you need to enable "Schedule for later sending" option (Figure 3).

scheduling a time for the new message
Figure 3 - Select the message type

After you entered the details of your message such as the recipient and the body, specify the exact time of delivery in "Schedule this message to be sent on:" field. Click on "OK" (Figure 4).

selecting a text message type
Figure 4 - Select the message type

Now you will receive a notification about the fact that the message has been accepted for delivery (Figure 5).

new message is accepted for delivery
Figure 5 - The message is accepted for delivery

Your scheduled message will be stored in "Scheduled" folder of the user in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway until the scheduled time is due (Figure 6).

new message is stored in the scheduled folder
Figure 6 - The message is stored in "Scheduled" folder

If the scheduled time is due the message will be sent out to the recipient and replaced into "Sent" folder (Figure 7).

new message is in the sent folder
Figure 7 - The message is in Sent folder


SMS scheduling function of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is a simple but very efficient method for ensuring SMS delivery at a specified time. With this solution you can be sure that you will not forget important dates and times as you can prepare important messages to be sent and left the heavy work for your SMS gateway. It will deliver all the scheduled messages at the proper time in this way you do not need to worry about them and you can concentrate on important business matters.

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