Administrator's Guide

This page is meant to be a general overview and a kind of summary of pages primarily intended for system administrators to help them control the setup and implementation processes related to the Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway software within their organizations.

The pages of the Administrator's Guide are devoted to the system administration aspects of using Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway. To use the Administrator's Guide, you should be familiar with the installation and basic configuration of Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway as described in the Installation Guide and the User Guide.

A system administrator's duties include setting up and managing user accounts.

Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway allows involving a large number of (different types) of users and applications and different types of service provider connections in SMS messaging. For more information, check out the Configuration page.

The software allows low level configuration by editing configuration files as an alternative to using the graphical user interface. Therefore, system administrators may find the Configuration Files page useful where they can find the following issues:

System administration also includes troubleshooting and backup. The Troubleshooting page provides an overview of and links to troubleshooting pages. They contain detailed explanations illustrated with screenshots to help you solve some problems that might occur when using the Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway software.

The Backup page explains why you should back up the configuration and other data of the Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway program, and how to restore it from the backup.

The Administrator's Guide is not supposed to be used completely independently. As suggested above, plenty of the rest of the Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway documentation is also important for system administrators.

Further readings:

Manual uninstallation: This guide demonstrates how you can uninstall Ozeki NG SMS Gateway manually.

Manual upgrade: The manual upgrade of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is explained on this page.

Performance: Find information on how to configure Ozeki NG SMS Gateway for high performance and for long term operation.

High volume SMS messaging page shows how to build a high volume SMS messaging system.

Ozeki Performance Tester: This article demonstrates how to test performance of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway with Ozeki Performance Tester tool.

Recommended computer: This guide gives details on the way Ozeki NG SMS Gateway uses the computer resources and provides hardware configuration examples and recommends specific computer models for certain usage.

Bandwidth: On this page you can learn what bandwidth requirements depend on.

Bandwidth calculation example: Learn how to calculate bandwidth in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway with the help of this example.

Manual installation: This guide demonstrates how to restore Ozeki NG SMS Gateway from a backup and how to install it manually.

Clustering: This article gives information on how to build an Ozeki NG SMS Gateway cluster to have a redundant SMS system.

SNMP: Find information on how to setup SNMP monitoring for Ozeki NG SMS Gateway on this page.

Migration/Hardware Replacement: This page provides detailed instructions on how you can keep your original settings after you migrated your Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.

Message priorities: On this page you can learn how to affect message sending order. With this solution you will be able to send out your high priority messages first, before low priority messages.

Message queues: In Ozeki NG SMS Gateway message queues are used for scheduling messages coming from users to being sent out. Therefore, it can be ensured that messages of each user will be sent out even in cases when one user has a great number of messages waiting for sending in its message queue.

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