Restore or manual installation

This guide gives you information on how to restore Ozeki NG SMS Gateway from a backup. It is assumed, that you have backed up your installation by saving a copy of the Ozeki NG SMS Gateway directory. The information provided can also be used to install the software manually.


The installation of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway without the installer requires two steps. The first step is to copy the files to the destination directory, the second step is to register the service.

Step 1.) Copy the files to your file system

We recommend to use the "C:\Program Files\Ozeki\OzekiNG - SMS Gateway" directory. After you have copied the directory, you should see OzekiNG.exe and InsSrv.exe along with some other files, plus some subdirectories, such as config, users, etc. will be present (Figure 1).

unzip the files to the ozeking sms gateway directory
Figure 1 - Unzip to a directory

Step 2.) Register the system service using InsSrv.exe

The Ozeki NG SMS Gateway directory contains a small tool called InsSrv.exe. This tool can be used to register or unregister the Ozeki NG SMS Gateway service in your system. To register the service, you should issue the following command:

cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Ozeki\OzekiNG - SMS Gateway

C:\Program Files\Ozeki\OzekiNG - SMS Gateway>InsSrv.exe install 
"OzekiNG" "Ozeki NG SMS Gateway" "C:\Program Files\Ozeki\OzekiNG - SMS Gateway\OzekiNG.exe" ""

Note that the first parameter is "install", the second parameter is the short name of the service, the third parameter is the nice name of the service the third parameter is the full path pointing to the exe file, that will run in the background. The fourth parameter is empty. This command can be executed using the Windows command line utility. To start the windows command line utility, select Run in the start menu and enter cmd.exe (Figure 2).

register the Ozeki service using inssrv executive
Figure 2 - Register the service using InsSrv.exe

Step 3.) Start the service

Once the service has been registered, you will find it in the Service management form of the Windows Control Panel. You can bring up this form quickly by typing services.msc on the command line (Figure 3).

checking the service in the service management window
Figure 3 - Service properties

Figure 3.) Service properties

On the service management form, you can open the properties of the Ozeki NG SMS Gateway service using the right mouse button. On the service properties form, you can click on "Start" to start the service (Figure 4).

start the ozeki service on the service properties form
Figure 4 - Start the service

Figure 4.) Start the service

Once the service has been started, you can access it from Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, by typing in the following URL:

Additional information (to install a second copy)

Video tutorial: How to install a second copy of Ozeki NG to the same server

If you wish to install a second copy of the service to the same system, you need to copy the files to a different directory and you need to modify the 2nd and 3rd parameters in the InsSrv.exe command to provide a unique name for the service. Of course you should change the 4th parameter as well to point to the exe file in the new directory. You also have to change the port numbers in the config.txt file, that can be found in the config directory. In the config.txt file, please change the following parameters:

Listen 9600
ListenAPI 9602
ListenGUI 9601

After these parameters have been changed, you can access the second copy of the service using the URL.

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