This page provides an overview of and links to troubleshooting pages. They contain detailed explanations illustrated with screenshots to help you solve some problems that might occur when using the Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway software.

On the Login Problems page you can find out what may cause login problems with Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway and how to solve them. You will be instructed about the Proxy settings, the program running as a Windows service, the Windows Firewall, as well as checking log entries.

It might occur that the tips on the Login Problems page do not help. Then, you may be well-advised to try fully uninstalling and then reinstalling the program. The Full Uninstall page explains how to fully uninstall the Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway program.

SMS sending error page: This page offers you help to solve problems occur in sending SMS messages.

Slow modem: This article explains what you should do if your modem is too slow when you try to send SMS.

ESM class: This guide gives you instructions on how you to set the ESM class to 0x00 in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.

Bypass proxy: Learn how to bypass proxy in the administration console of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.

IP SMS timeout: On this page you will get information on why you receive an error message when you try to setup an IP SMS connection.

Error codes: This page enlists the error codes that can be sent in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to help you solve problems effectively.

Reset default password: This article will demonstrate how you can reset the default password in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.

Reading delivery reports: On this page you can read about how to enable the function that allows to read delivery reports about the status of your messages in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.

Ozeki Regular Expression Tester: This article provides a solution on how to test regular expressions before they are used in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.

Access to Ozeki NG SMS Gateway when it is behind a firewall or router: Learn how to get access to Ozeki NG SMS Gateway when it is behind a firewall or router.

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