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On your SMPP links the following error codes can be returned by your SMS service provider. Please check the meaning and the possible resolution in the table bellow.

The error messages are displayed in the following format: Status_RoutingCode_ErrorCode

  • Your message has been sent to the telephone operator and is waiting to be delivered
  • Sending is underway by the telephone operator
  • The recipient's terminal may be switched off or unreachable and the service provider is attempting to send
  • Your message has been sent to a number of a telephone operator for which there are no return receipts. In this case the message will always be queued even after the actual delivery

Below are the descriptions of the codes returned in case of error.


The possible values are

  • NACK: request immediately rejected by the SMSC operator
  • UNDELIV: the message can not be delivered
  • EXPIRED: it was not possible to deliver the message and the period of validity's period has expired
  • UNKNOWN: Message is in an invalid state
  • FAILED: The message can not be delivered

Note: For the protocol used, there is also the state DELIVRD (message delivered) but this will never be displayed, because it does not fall into the error's examples

Routing Code

Depending on the route (SMSC) which is sent a SMS error the code may be different. The possible paths are identified by numbers (1, 2, 3, ...)

1 MO
2 MB
3 IB
4 AT
5 RD
6 AG

Error Code

Error code depends on the status and in some cases also by the RoutingCode

Immediate errors (Status = NACK)

For errors like "NACK" they depend on messages belonging to the 0x00000400-0x000004FF interval. The first table shows errors are independent by the route, while the following tables report dependencies to the SMSC on which the message was routed.

Error Number in Hexadecimal Error Number in Decimal Error Name Error Description
0x00000000 0 ESME_ROK No Error
0x00000001 1 ESME_RINVMSGLEN Message too long
0x00000002 2 ESME_RINVCMDLEN Command length is invalid
0x00000003 3 ESME_RINVCMDID Command ID is invalid or not supported
0x00000004 4 ESME_RINVBNDSTS Incorrect bind status for given command
0x00000005 5 ESME_RALYBND Already bound
0x00000006 6 ESME_RINVPRTFLG Invalid Priority Flag
0x00000007 7 ESME_RINVREGDLVFLG Invalid registered delivery flag
0x00000008 8 ESME_RSYSERR System error
0x00000009 9 Reserved
0x0000000A 10 ESME_RINVSRCADR Invalid source address
0x0000000B 11 ESME_RINVDSTADR Invalid destination address
0x0000000C 12 ESME_RINVMSGID Message ID is invalid
0x0000000D 13 ESME_RBINDFAIL Bind failed
0x0000000E 14 ESME_RINVPASWD Invalid password
0x0000000F 15 ESME_RINVSYSID Invalid System ID
0x00000010 16 Reserved
0x00000011 17 ESME_RCANCELFAIL Canceling message failed
0x00000012 18 Reserved
0x00000013 19 ESME_RREPLACEFAIL Message replacement failed
0x00000014 20 ESME_RMSSQFUL Message queue full
0x00000015 21 ESME_RINVSERTYP Invalid service type
0x00000033 51 ESME_RINVNUMDESTS Invalid number of destinations
0x00000034 52 ESME_RINVDLNAME Invalid distribution list name
0x00000040 64 ESME_RINVDESTFLAG Invalid destination flag
0x00000041 65 Reserved
0x00000042 66 ESME_RINVSUBREP Invalid submit with replace request
0x00000043 67 ESME_RINVESMCLASS Invalid esm class set
0x00000044 68 ESME_RCNTSUBDL Invalid submit to distribution list
0x00000045 69 ESME_RSUBMITFAIL Submitting message has failed
0x00000046 70 Reserved
0x00000047 71 Reserved
0x00000048 72 ESME_RINVSRCTON Invalid source address type of number ( TON )
0x00000049 73 ESME_RINVSRCNPI Invalid source address numbering plan ( NPI )
0x00000050 80 ESME_RINVDSTTON Invalid destination address type of number ( TON )
0x00000051 81 ESME_RINVDSTNPI Invalid destination address numbering plan ( NPI )
0x00000052 82 Reserved
0x00000053 83 ESME_RINVSYSTYP Invalid system type
0x00000054 84 ESME_RINVREPFLAG Invalid replace_if_present flag
0x00000055 85 ESME_RINVNUMMSGS Invalid number of messages
0x00000056 86 Reserved
0x00000057 87 Reserved
0x00000058 88 ESME_RTHROTTLED Throttling error
0x00000059 89 Reserved
0x00000060 96 Reserved
0x00000061 97 ESME_RINVSCHED Invalid scheduled delivery time
0x00000062 98 ESME_RINVEXPIRY Invalid Validity Period value
0x00000063 99 ESME_RINVDFTMSGID Predefined message not found
0x00000064 100 ESME_RX_T_APPN ESME Receiver temporary error
0x00000065 101 ESME_RX_P_APPN ESME Receiver permanent error
0x00000066 102 ESME_RX_R_APPN ESME Receiver reject message error
0x00000067 103 ESME_RQUERYFAIL Message query request failed
0x00000068 - 0x000000BF 104 - 191 Reserved
0x000000C0 192 ESME_RINVTLVSTREAM Error in the optional part of the PDU body
0x000000C1 193 ESME_RTLVNOTALLWD TLV not allowed
0x000000C2 194 ESME_RINVTLVLEN Invalid parameter length
0x000000C3 195 ESME_RMISSINGTLV Expected TLV missing
0x000000C4 196 ESME_RINVTLVVAL Invalid TLV value
0x000000C5 - 0x000000FD 197 - 253 Reserved
0x000000FE 254 ESME_RDELIVERYFAILURE Transaction delivery failure
0x000000FF 255 ESME_RUNKNOWNERR Unknown error
0x00000100 256 ESME_RSERTYPUNAUTH ESME not authorised to use specified servicetype
0x00000101 257 ESME_RPROHIBITED ESME prohibited from using specified operation
0x00000102 258 ESME_RSERTYPUNAVAIL Specified servicetype is unavailable
0x00000103 259 ESME_RSERTYPDENIED Specified servicetype is denied
0x00000104 260 ESME_RINVDCS Invalid data coding scheme
0x00000105 261 ESME_RINVSRCADDRSUBUNIT Invalid source address subunit
0x00000106 262 ESME_RINVSTDADDRSUBUNIR Invalid destination address subunit
0x00000400- 1024 - Operator specific error codes

Routing-code:1 (MO)

Error-Code Error Description
0x00000402 Quota reached
0x00000403 Spam detected
0x00000404 Hammering detected
0x00000405 Blacklisted

Routing-code:2 (MB)

Error-Code Error Description
401 Number blacklisted in system
402 Client blacklisted in system
403 Prefix blacklisted in system
404 Invalid account Error
405 No longer applicable
406 Destination busy - The message was not sent due to the fact that the QoS was busy, please try again.
407 Reply Type Error.
408 MSIP Syntax Error.
409 No longer applicable
40A System unavailable.
40B System unavailable.
40C System unavailable.
40D Profile Error.
40E Username not set - No username was specified.
40F Do not try again. Binary message not allowed on profile. - This message does not allow binary messages.
410 Temporary System failure, please retry.
411 Number unroutable. Do not retry.
412 Number Temporarily unroutable, please try again.
413 Number unroutable. Do not retry.
414 Number unroutable on current settings. Do not retry.
415 Number Temporarily unroutable, please try again.
416 Number unroutable. Do not retry.
417 Number unroutable. Do not retry.
418 Number unroutable. Do not retry.
419 Number unroutable. Do not retry.
41A Number unroutable. Do not retry.
41B Number unroutable. Do not retry.
41C Number Temporarily unroutable, please try again.
41D Number unroutable. Do not retry.
41E Number Temporarily unroutable, please try again.
41F Number Temporarily unroutable, please try again.
420 Unable to send on local deliverer
421 Cannot find originator for index. Do not retry.
422 Destination unavailable, please try again.

Status different than "NACK"

The following table shows the values of specific ErrorCode for the route. Lines highlighted in green relate to the message returned if the message is sent successfully.

Routing-code:1 (MO)

There is no specific ErrorCode of this route. We only use information from the Status field.

Error-Code Error Description Permanent Status
0000 Message delivered Y DELIVRD

Routing-code:2 (MB)

Error-Code Error Description Permanent Status
1 Phone related No BUFFERED
2 Deliver related: message within operator No BUFFERED
3 Accepted bySMSC No ACKED
4 Delivered to mobile device n/a DELIVERED
5 Message failed - detailed reason is unknown n/a FAILED
6 Final status of message is unknown n/a UNKNOWN
8 Message expired within the operator and failure reason is unknown No FAILED
20 Permanent operator error Yes FAILED
21 Credit related: message has been retried by operator No FAILED
23 Absent subscriber permanent Yes FAILED
24 Absent subscriber temporary No FAILED
25 Operator network failure No FAILED
26 Phone related error No FAILED
27 Permanent phone related error Yes FAILED
28 Anti-spam Yes FAILED
29 Content related error Yes FAILED
33 Age verification failure - parental lock Yes FAILED
73 Mobile number portability error Yes FAILED
74 Roaming error No FAILED
76 Mobile number portability and blocking error Yes FAILED
202 Mobile number portability error Yes FAILED

Routing-code:3 (IB)

Error-Code Error Description Permanent Status
256 EC_SM_DF_memoryCapacityExceeded No EXPIRED
257 EC_SM_DF_equipmentProtocolError No EXPIRED
258 EC_SM_DF_equipmentNotSM_Equipped No EXPIRED
259 EC_SM_DF_unknownServiceCentre No EXPIRED
260 EC_SM_DF_sc_Congestion No EXPIRED
261 EC_SM_DF_invalidSME_Address No EXPIRED
262 EC_SM_DF_subscriberNotSC_Subscriber No EXPIRED
1024 EC_OR_appContextNotSupported No EXPIRED
1025 EC_OR_invalidDestinationReference No EXPIRED
1026 EC_OR_invalidOriginatingReference No EXPIRED
1027 EC_OR_encapsulatedAC_NotSupported No EXPIRED
1028 EC_OR_transportProtectionNotAdequate No EXPIRED
1030 EC_OR_potentialVersionIncompatibility No EXPIRED
1031 EC_OR_remoteNodeNotReachable No EXPIRED
1152 EC_NNR_noTranslationForAnAddressOfSuchNatur No EXPIRED
1153 EC_NNR_noTranslationForThisSpecificAddress No EXPIRED
1154 EC_NNR_subsystemCongestion No EXPIRED
1155 EC_NNR_subsystemFailure No EXPIRED
1156 EC_NNR_unequippedUser No EXPIRED
1157 EC_NNR_MTPfailure No EXPIRED
1158 EC_NNR_networkCongestion No EXPIRED
1159 EC_NNR_unqualified No EXPIRED
1160 EC_NNR_errorInMessageTransportXUDT No EXPIRED
1161 EC_NNR_errorInLocalProcessingXUDT No EXPIRED
1162 EC_NNR_destinationCannotPerformReassemblyXUDT No EXPIRED
1163 EC_NNR_SCCPfailure No EXPIRED
1164 EC_NNR_hopCounterViolation No EXPIRED
1165 EC_NNR_segmentationNotSupported No EXPIRED
1166 EC_NNR_segmentationFailure No EXPIRED
1281 EC_UA_userSpecificReason No EXPIRED
1282 EC_UA_userResourceLimitation No EXPIRED
1283 EC_UA_resourceUnavailable No EXPIRED
1284 EC_UA_applicationProcedureCancellation No EXPIRED
1536 EC_PA_providerMalfunction No EXPIRED
1537 EC_PA_supportingDialogOrTransactionRealeased No EXPIRED
1538 EC_PA_ressourceLimitation No EXPIRED
1539 EC_PA_maintenanceActivity No EXPIRED
1540 EC_PA_versionIncompatibility No EXPIRED
1541 EC_PA_abnormalMapDialog No EXPIRED
1793 EC_NC_responseRejectedByPeer No EXPIRED
1794 EC_NC_abnormalEventReceivedFromPeer No EXPIRED
1795 EC_NC_messageCannotBeDeliveredToPeer No EXPIRED
1796 EC_NC_providerOutOfInvoke No EXPIRED
2051 EC_InvalidMscAddress No EXPIRED
4096 EC_InvalidPduFormat Yes UNDELIV
4100 EC_Cancelled Yes EXPIRED
4101 EC_ValidityExpired Yes UNDELIV

Routing-code:4 (AT)

Error-Code Status Permanent Description
00 DELIVRD Y Message is delivered to destination
01 REJECTD Y SMPP Gateway cannot accept the message for delivery ( i.e. you run out of credit if your account is a prepaid one )
02 UNDELIV Y Mobile network attemtps to deliver the message have been failed
03 ACCEPTED N Mobile network has accepted message for delivery
04 FAILED Y Mobile network is unable to accept message for delivery
05 EXPIRED Y Message validity period has expired
99 UNKNOWN Y AT cannot determine the status of your message

Routing-code:5 (RD)

Error-Code Descrizione Permanent Status
001 EXPIRED (generic error)
002 UNKNOWN (generic error) UNKNOWN
003 UNDELIV (generic error) UNDELIV
004 UNDELIV (generic error)
005 DELETED (generic error)
006 FAILED (generic error) FAILED
007 REJECTD (generic error) REJECTD
008 UNKNOWN (generic error) UNKNOWN
101 abort
102 absent subscriber FAILED, UNDELIV
103 absent subscriber sm
104 absent subscriber temporary FAILED
105 absent subscriber. imsi detached.
106 absent subscriber. no paging response via msc.
107 absent subscriber. roaming restriction.
108 absent subscriber: the message is undeliverable
109 age verification failure failed av
110 age verification failure no previous av
111 age verification failure parental lock
112 age verification failure temporary av error
113 agent not registered
114 anti spam
115 ati not allowed
116 bad parameter value
117 badly formatted transaction portion
118 badly structured component
119 barring service active
120 bearer service not provisioned
121 blacklisted destination
122 blacklisted_opc
123 blacklisted_prefix
124 busysubscriber
125 call barred UNDELIV
126 cancelled
127 charged failed
128 connection aborted before delivery
129 content related error
130 context could not be loaded
131 controling msc system failure
132 could not asn.1 encode a parameter.
133 could not decode an asn.1 encoded parameter.
134 could not open map dialogue
135 credit related message may be being retried
136 credit related: message has been retried
137 cug_reject
138 customer blocked
139 data missing
140 data not found
141 dcs inconsistency
142 delivery fail REJECTD
143 deregistered in hlr for gprs
144 deregistered in hlr for non-gprs
145 deregistered in the hlr for gprs
146 deregistered in the hlr for non-gprs
147 dest_address_blacklisted
148 destination blocked
149 destination blocked by customer
150 destination network or country is blocked.
151 device unable to receive sms
152 dialogue collision
153 dialogue queue size exceeded.
154 dialogue timed out
155 duplicate invoke id
156 eir system failure
157 equipment memory capacity exceeded
158 equipment not sm equiped
159 equipment not supported
160 equipment protocol error
161 error in ms
162 error in smt
163 esme client error
164 exceeded maximum length
165 expired FAILED
166 facility not supported
167 failed_to_req_routing_info
168 flood protection in multiple identical messages
169 format error
170 forwardingfailed
171 forwardingviolation
172 gprs connection suspended
173 gprs detached
174 handset delivery failure
175 handset error
176 handset memory exceeded
177 hlr error
178 hlr failure
179 hlr system failure ACCEPTD
180 illegal character in message body
181 illegal equipment
182 illegal subscriber
183 illegalss-operation
184 imsi detached
185 imsi_blacklisted
186 inappropriate transport message
187 incompatibleterminal
188 incorrect ie length
189 incorrect message length
190 incorrect transaction portion
191 initiating release
192 insufficient credit
193 insufficient credits to send message
194 internal error code
195 internal recoverable system failure
196 internal server error
197 invalid acct - your number has expire date
198 invalid delivery outcome
199 invalid destination address UNKNOWN
200 invalid dialogue id
201 invalid input format
202 invalid msisdn/destaddr
203 invalid parameter
204 invalid params
205 invalid payload length
206 invalid pdu format
207 invalid response received
208 invalid service id from the request.
209 invalid sme address
210 invalid source address
211 invalid srcaddr
212 invalidmscaddress
213 invalidpduformat
214 invalidsme-address
215 invalidtargetbasestation
216 linked response unexpected
217 local acl deny
218 local cancel
219 login incorrect
220 longtermdenial
221 max_attempts_reached
222 mb_err_blacklisted_dpc
223 mb_err_blacklisted_smsc
224 mcef-set
225 memory capacity exceeded
226 message body error
227 message expired within the operator
228 message expired, reason unknown
229 message too long
230 message waiting list full
231 missing mandatory ie
232 missing parameter
233 missing params
234 mistyped component
235 mnrf-set
236 mnrg-set
237 mobile number portability and blocking error
238 mobile number portability error (client side)
239 mobile number portability error (operator side)
240 mobile subscriber not reachable
241 ms not equipped UNKNOWN
242 ms protocol error
243 ms purged for gprs
244 ms purged for non-gprs
245 national blacklist
246 nc_abnormaleventreceivedfrompeer
247 nc_messagecannotbedeliveredtopeer
248 nc_provideroutofinvoke
249 nc_responserejectedbypeer
250 network specific error codes
251 network timeout
252 nnr_destinationcannotperformreassemblyxudt
253 nnr_errorinlocalprocessingxudt
254 nnr_errorinmessagetransportxudt
255 nnr_hopcounterviolation
256 nnr_mtpfailure
257 nnr_networkcongestion
258 nnr_notranslationforanaddressofsuchnatur
259 nnr_notranslationforthisspecificaddress
260 nnr_sccpfailure
261 nnr_segmentationfailure
262 nnr_segmentationnotsupported
263 nnr_subsystemcongestion
264 nnr_subsystemfailure
265 nnr_unequippeduser
266 nnr_unqualified
267 no free dialogues
268 no interworking module available
269 no is41 server available
270 no mt connection found for short number
271 no network response
272 no own smh
273 no paging response msc
274 no paging response via sgsn
275 no paging response via the msc
276 no paging response via the sgsn
277 no response from is41 server
278 no response from peer
279 no retry allowed
280 no route found
281 no session with user
282 no subscriber reply
283 no_response
284 no_route_to_destination
285 no_route_to_destination_sip
286 no_sub_reply
287 node not reachable
288 nogroupcallnumberavailable
289 nohandovernumberavailable
290 noradioresourceavailable
291 noroam
292 nosubscriberreply
293 not supported service
294 not_prov
295 not_supported
296 not_supported_service
297 numberchanged
298 numberofpw-attemptsviolation
299 operator barring
300 operator network failure
301 or_appcontextnotsupported
302 or_encapsulatedac_notsupported
303 or_invaliddestinationreference
304 or_invalidoriginatingreference
305 or_potentialversionincompatibility
306 or_remotenodenotreachable
307 or_transportprotectionnotadequate
308 or-notallowed
309 pa_abnormalmapdialog
310 pa_maintenanceactivity
311 pa_providermalfunction
312 pa_ressourcelimitation
313 pa_supportingdialogortransactionrealeased
314 pa_versionincompatibility
315 permanent handset error
316 permanent operator error
317 permanent phone related error
318 phone related error
319 phone switched off
320 phone switched off or phone not reachable
321 plmn system failure ACCEPTD
322 portability error: the message was failed
323 positionmethodfailure
324 previous vlr system failure
325 provider_general_error
326 psa connection failed
327 pvlr system failure
328 radio subsystem system failure
329 ref_in_use
330 rejected
331 rejected - smsc rejected
332 relation with is41 server removed
333 remote abort
334 remote logic deny
335 remote logic error
336 removed by operator
337 removed by sme
338 resource limitation
339 return error unexpected
340 return result unexpected
341 roaming error
342 roaming level not supported
343 roaming restriction
344 route error, please contact support
345 rtec error
346 sc-addressnotincluded
347 sc-congestion
348 sccp_destination_cannot_perform_reassembly
349 sccp_error_in_local_processing
350 sccp_error_in_message_transport
351 sccp_failure
352 sccp_hop_counter_violation
353 sccp_mtp_failure
354 sccp_network_congestion
355 sccp no translation for an address
356 sccp_no_translation_for_this_specific_address
357 sccp_segmentation_failure
358 sccp_segmentation_not_suported
359 sccp_subsystem_congestion
360 sccp_subsystem_failure
361 sccp_unequipped_failure
362 sccp_unqualified
363 screening error, terminating imsi blocked
364 service center congestion
365 service completion failure
366 service temporary not available ACCEPTD
367 service_completion_failure
368 shorttermdenial
369 sm delivery failure
370 sm loop prevented
371 sm loop prevention
372 sm_df_equipmentnotsm_equipped
373 sm_df_equipmentprotocolerror
374 sm_df_invalidsme_address
375 sm_df_memorycapacityexceeded
376 sm_df_sc_congestion
377 sm_df_subscribernotsc_subscriber
378 sm_df_unknownservicecentre
379 sm-deliveryfailure
380 sms buffered.
381 sms discarded
382 sms expired.
383 sms lower layer capabilities not provisioned
384 sms lower layer not provisioned
385 sms malformed. sms is not formed correctly
386 sms sent, no delivery report received.
387 sms submit from smsgw to smsc failure
388 sms window exceeded.
389 smsc congestion
390 smsc failure
391 smsc roaming
392 ss_err_status
393 ss_incompat
394 ss_notavail
395 ss_subviol
396 ss-errorstatus
397 ss-incompatibility
398 ss-notavailable
399 ss-subscriptionviolation
400 subscriber absent
401 subscriber barred
402 subscriber busy
403 subscriber busy for mt short message
404 subscriber not provisioned
405 subscriber not sc subscriber
406 subscriber spend limit exceeded
407 subscriber unable to be billed
408 subscriber unavailable
409 subscriber_busy_for_mt_sms
410 subscriberlocationreport
411 subscribernotsc-subscriber
412 subscription failed
413 subsequenthandoverfailure
414 system failure ACCEPTD
415 tc user not bound
416 tcap error.
417 tcap_abort1 (on hlr request)
418 tcap_abort2 205 (on forwardsm)
419 teleservice not provisioned
420 temporary handset error - memory exceeded
421 the dialogue has received a map-delimiter error
422 the dialogue has received a map-service-request
423 the end user belongs to a network operator
424 the end user does not exist
425 the end user has insufficient funds
426 the end user is blocked
427 the end user is not allowed to purchase premium
428 the recipient has no credit
429 the subscription period is expired
430 throttling error
431 time_out
432 timeout waiting for response from peer.
433 timer_exp
434 tracingbufferfull
435 ua_applicationprocedurecancellation
436 ua_resourceunavailable
437 ua_userresourcelimitation
438 ua_userspecificreason
439 umo (unauthorised message originator)
440 umo with barring service active
441 umo with operator barring
442 unable to find outbound route for this sms.
443 unauthorizedlcsclient
444 unauthorizedrequestingnetwork
445 unexp_tcap_msg
446 unexpected data value
447 unexpected data value (in idi message)
448 unexpected data value (in internal message)
449 unexpected data value
450 unexpected error
451 unexpected linked operation
452 unexpected response from peer
453 unexpected_response_from_peer
454 unidentified subscriber via msc
455 unidentified subscriber via sgsn
456 unidentified subscriber via the msc
457 unidentified subscriber via the sgsn
458 unidentified subscriber
459 unidentifiedsubscriber
460 unknown alphabet
461 unknown equipment
462 unknown error FAILED
463 unknown operator
464 unknown service center
465 unknown subscriber UNKNOWN
466 unknown subscriber (gprs subscription unknown)
467 unknown subscriber (imsi unknown)
468 unknown subscriber (recipient address problem)
469 unknownbasestation
470 unknownmsc
471 unknownorunreachablelcsclient
472 unrecognized component
473 unrecognized error
474 unrecognized invoke id
475 unrecognized message type
476 unrecognized operation
477 unrecognized transaction id
478 ussd busy
479 validityexpired
480 vlr system failure FAILED
481 vmsc system failure
482 vp exceeded
483 bind failed
484 cannot submit to DL (Distribution list)
485 command length is invalid
486 destination flag is invalid (sm_multi)
487 error in address service centre
488 incorrect bind status
489 message queue full
490 mNP other operator not allowed
491 param Retrieve Failed
492 predefined Message Not Found
493 protocol error. Error in data communication
494 query SM Failed
495 replace SM failed
496 retry queue. Delivery retry
497 sMS blocked due to unauthorised content
498 submit SM/Multi failed
499 submit w/replace invalid
500 subscriber temp. unreachable while roaming
501 unable to convert to IA5 ALPHABET
502 unable to Unpack GSM message

Routing-code:6 (AG)

Error-Code Description Permanent Status
0 Successfully delivered. Y DELIVERED
3 SMSC did not return a status for this delivery UNKNOWN
4 SMSC refused the message. Y REJECTED
4 Message delivery expired. Y EXPIRED
4 SMSC was not able to deliver the message. Y UNDELIVERABLE

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