Migration/Hardware Replacement

This page demonstrates how you can configure Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to keep your settings in case of migration or hardware replacement. If you follow the steps below you can easily configure your SMS gateway to operate on another computer or under another operation system with the same settings you had before.


This page will provide you helpful instructions for cases when you need to migrate your Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to another computer or you replace or reinstall your operation system and you want to keep your settings in your Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. If you follow these steps you can achieve that after a migration of your Ozeki NG SMS Gateway, all the configuration will remain the same on the destination computer. In this way you do not need to start all the configuration process from the beginning as all of your service provider connections and users will be kept.

So if you want to migrate Ozeki NG SMS Gateway from Computer "A" to Computer "B" you need to download and install Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to Computer "B". After you stop the service, you need to copy "Users" and "Config" folders from Computer "A" to Computer "B". Finally, you just need to start service and you can use the SMS gateway with your original settings (Figure 1).

migrating system of the ozeki ng sms gateway
Figure 1 - Migration of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

Configuration steps

Please note that in the configuration guide Computer "A" stands for the source computer from which you want to migrate Ozeki NG SMS Gateway; and Computer "B" stands for the destination computer to which you wish to migrate Ozeki NG SMS.

Computer "B": First you need to download the setup folder of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to Computer "B" and start to install it (Figure 2).

ozeki ng sms gateway installed on the computer
Figure 2 - Ozeki NG SMS Gateway installed on the other computer

Computer "B": Login, and go to "Help" menu. Select "Registration" menu item (Figure 3).

registration tab on the help menu
Figure 3 - Registration menu item

Computer "B": Enter your serial number and click on "Activate" (Figure 4).

entering your serial number
Figure 4 - Enter your serial number

Computer "B": Now right click at the service monitor of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway and select "Stop service" option (Figure 5).

stop the ozeki service
Figure 5 - Stop service

Computer "A": Stop service at Computer "A", as well (Figure 6).

stop the ozeki service in the other computer
Figure 6 - Stop service on the other computer, as well

Computer "A": Go to the directory of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway and copy "Users" and "Config" (Figure 7).

copy the users and the config folder
Figure 7 - Copy Users and Config folder

Computer "B": Then paste "Users" and "Config" folders to Computer "B" (Figure 8).

copy the folders to the other computer
Figure 8 - Copy folders to the other computer

Computer "B": Right click on the folders and select "Cut" (Figure 9).

cut the copied folders
Figure 9 - Cut folders

Computer "B": Go to the directory of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway (Figure 10).

go to ozeki ng sms gateways directory
Figure 10 - Go to Ozeki NG SMS Gateway's directory

Computer "B": Paste the two folders into the directory of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway (Figure 11).

paste the cuted folders
Figure 11 - Paste folders

Computer "B": Now you can start Ozeki NG service (Figure 12).

start the ozeki service
Figure 12 - Start service

Computer "B": As you can see, the SMPP connection that has been configured at Computer "A", has the same configuration settings at Computer "B" after the migration (Figure 13).

setting remain the same after you moved the folder
Figure 13 - Settings remain the same

If you have any further question regarding this topic, please send an e-mail to info @ ozekisms.com e-mail address.

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