Ozeki Regular Expression Tester

On this page you can find Ozeki Regular Expression Tester that helps you test regular expressions before you use them in real and important cases. In this way you can avoid inconvenient situations when regular expressions do not work properly. Please find the tester below and learn its use following screen shots to ensure seamless working.

Download: Ozeki_Regexp_tester.exe

Regular expressions can be determined in Inbound and Outbound routes in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. With this tester you can test whether the given regular expression works properly or not.

How to use the tester:

Pattern: define the regular expression you want to test
Data: Specify the text to which you want the regular expression to match
After you provided these values, click on Run

At Result field you will receive the result of the test and you can see whether the regular expression and the data match or not match (Figure 1).

ozeki regular expression tester
Figure 1 - Ozeki Regular Expression Tester


Example 1

To sort out phone numbers start with 520 and 521 from other phone numbers, you need to define the following regular expression as "Pattern":


Then fill Data field with a value you want to test. In our example it is "521552478". Finally click on Run. On Figure 2 you can see that there is a match (as "521552478" starts with 521) and the Result is "521552478".

regular expression match
Figure 2 - Regular expression match

Figure 3 demonstrates what happens if the phone number does not start with 521. In our example "521552478" is specified in Data field and as it does not start with 521 there is no match.

regular expression does not match
Figure 3 - Regular expression does not match

Example 2

To sort out names John Smith, you need to define the following regular expression and click Run:


If you define "John Smith" as Data, there will be a match.
If you specify "John Smith Edgar" as Data, it will be not match.

Example 3

To convert local phone numbers into international ones, you need the following regular expression:

s/^.*(.{10})$/+3$1 /

If you provide e.g. "06301122334" phone number as Data you will receive the following result after clicking Run: "+36304080329" (+ sign will be placed before the phone number)


Example 4

To append text to the message you need the following regular expression:

s/^(.*)$/$1 This text will be appended./

DATA: "Test"
RESULT: "Test This text will be appended." (After the predefined Data the appended text will be appeared).

Example 5

After the first 10 characters of the original message, "Hello world" can be appended with the following regular expression:

s/^(.{10}).*/$1 Hello World/

DATA: "Test Message"
RESULT: "Test Messa Hello World" (After the 10th character "Hello World" is appended and the remaining characters are cut off).

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