SMPP ESM Class problem when sending SMS

SMPP service providers handle the ESM class differently in the SMS submission requests. Some require that it should be set to 0x00, others ask for a 0x08 setting. By default the SMPP service provider connection in the Ozeki NG SMS Gateway sets this value to 0x08. This guide gives you instructions on how you can set the ESM class to 0x00.

To change the ESM class setting in the SMPP submit pdu to 0x00, you have to open the "Advanced" tab of the configuration form of the SMPP service provider connection. On this tab, you should check the "Set ESM class to 0x00" checkbox (Figure 1).

smpp esm class problem when sending sms
Figure 1 - SMPP Submit, ESM class

After this setting your SMS submit PDU's will have the ESM class set to 0x00. The setting takes effect as soon as you click OK on the configuration form.

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