Import/Export addressbook

This guide provides you a detailed explanation on how to import and export contacts in the addressbook of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.

1. Import

In case of importation, contacts of the addressbook will be imported from a CSV file. Figure 1 demonstrates how the CSV file needs to be created. Insert parameters in this order: Name, Mobile, Telephone, Fax, Email, Im (Instant Messenger), Other, Comment, Create date.

importing addressbook from csv file
Figure 1 - CSV file

To import contacts, you need to click on Import at the bottom of the graphical user interface (GUI) of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway (Figure 2).

importing address book
Figure 2 - Click on Import

Browse for a file to upload and click on Upload File (Figure 3).

upload file for addressbook
Figure 3 - Upload File

On Figure 4 you can see the imported contacts in the SMS gateway.

imported contacts in addressbook
Figure 4 - Imported contacts

2. Export

It is possible to export contacts from the addressbook of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to various file types:

MS Excel XML

To be able to export contacts to an Excel file click on MS Excel XML at the bottom of the user interface of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway (Figure 5).

exproting to ms excle xml
Figure 5 - Export to MS Excel XML

Figure 6 demonstrates the exported contacts in MS Excel.

exported contacts in excel
Figure 6 - Exported contacts in Excel


You can also export contacts from the addressbook to an XML file. To do so, click on XML at the bottom of the GUI (Figure 7).

exporting to xml file
Figure 7 - Export to XML file

On Figure 8 you can see the exported contacts in XML file.

exported contacts in xml csv
Figure 8 - Exported contacts in XML


Contacts can also be exported from the addressbook to a CSV file. You just need to click on CSV on the GUI (Figure 9).

exporting to csv file
Figure 9 - Export to CSV file

Figure 10 shows the exported contacts in CSV file.

exported contacts in the csv file
Figure 10 - Exported contacts in CSV file

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