ISV / OEM Information

This page is intended to provide information for our potential Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partners. We explain how our labeling and embedding program will enable you to sell the Ozeki NG software under your brand name or embed it in products distributed by you.

As our ISV partner you can include our SMS software platform in your products and solutions. If you wish, the Ozeki component can be completely hidden. You can benefit in two ways. First, your applications using the Ozeki SMS technology will become more sophisticated, can handle more complex tasks and acquire new technological capabilities in mobile messaging, all of which will make your customers more satisfied. Secondly, it will free your engineering resources to work on higher-level aspects of your application, especially when our company, Ozeki provides a cross-platform solution.

As our OEM partner you can acquire our product and sell it under your own brand name, or you can copy it on a CD-ROM and package it along with your hardware equipment. You can use our product for a particular application of your choice.

We offer the following solutions for you to benefit from the ISV / OEM partnership:

1. Labeling program

The labeling program enables you to use the Ozeki software under your own name without any reference to our company, the developer of the product. We will rename the product to meet your requirements. The quality of the renamed Ozeki software will make an invaluable contribution to increasing your reputation and market potential. The software will adopt your logo as well as the name under which you would like to sell the product, ensuring that your customers will not come across the name Ozeki anywhere in the program.

The renaming of the product will cover the following:

- On the Graphical User Interface the graphical logo of your company will be used.
- On the Graphical User Interface the company name "Ozeki" and the product name "Ozeki NG" will be replaced with a name of your choice.
- The name of the installation directory will have a name of your choice.
- The license.txt to be read during the installation will be one specified by your company.
- We will also make a trial version, in which the text of the "trial message" will be specified by you.

The labeling program includes version control as well. Accordingly, we will also make (and make available) the renamed version of every newly released version of the software involved in the labeling program. You will be informed about releases of new versions by e-mail.

2. Embedding program

The embedding program enables you to embed the software as a highly valuable component in your own product/system to enhance its quality and market potential. Embedding solutions usually do not require the program to be installed separately. For the purpose of keeping the SMS component hidden during installation and use, Ozeki will provide the following support:

- Instructions for creating an embedded installation package
- Service and file renaming option
- Technical support

3. How to enter

Participation in the labeling and embedding program requires a subscription with a monthly fee.
For information about how to enter and expenses by e-mail, please write to: info @