Ozeki SMS Gateway PLC Review

The Ozeki SMS Gateway PLC is a powerful and reliable SMS gateway that is designed for industrial applications. It is based on the Sierra Wireless Airprime with a Qualcomm MDM9230 4G chipset, making it a great solution for sending and receiving SMS messages in harsh environments. The Ozeki SMS Gateway PLC is also compatible with Ozeki SMS Server and other Ozeki software, making it easy to integrate into your existing IT infrastructure. In this review, we will take a closer look at the Ozeki SMS Gateway PLC and discuss its features, benefits, and drawbacks. We will also compare it to other SMS gateways on the market.

ozeki sms gateway plc photo
Figure 1 - Ozeki SMS Gateway PLC photo

What is a Hardware SMS Gateway?

A Hardware SMS Gateway is a device that allows you to send SMS messages from your computer without the need for any other external devices. All you need is the recipient's phone number, a working SIM card, and an Ozeki SMS Gateway PLC. The Ozeki SMS Gateway PLC is a small, compact device that runs on the Windows 11 operating system. It comes pre-installed with the Ozeki SMS Gateway application, which is responsible for creating and sending SMS messages. To send an SMS message, simply enter the recipient's phone number, the message body, and click on the "Send" button. The Ozeki SMS Gateway application will then deliver the message to your service provider, who will then send it to the recipient's phone.

ozeki sms gateway plc modem sending sms
Figure 2 - Ozeki SMS Gateway PLC sending sms

Ozeki SMS Gateway PLC technical specifications

Ozeki SMS Gateway PLC specifications

Connections USB, HDMI, VGA, Gigabit Ethernet, Serial ports, GPIO, Wi-Fi, Cellular, GPS
Frequency bands 850, 900, 1800, 1900
Chipset Qualcomm MDM9230 4G
Network speed 100Mbps downlink, 50Mbps uplink

Setting up Ozeki SMS Gateway PLC (quick steps)

  • Install Ozeki SMS Server software.
  • Add modem in SMS Server settings.
  • Configure SMS sending settings.
  • Compose message and recipient.
  • Send SMS via Ozeki SMS Server.
  • Monitor logs for delivery confirmation.

Ozeki SMS Gateway PLC setup experience

The Ozeki SMS Gateway PLC is easy to set up and use. It comes with all the required cables and four antennas. Simply connect the device to an external power source, connect the cables, and turn it on. The Ozeki SMS Gateway PLC includes a pre-installed operating system and software. All you need to do is open the Ozeki Software Platform and set up your SMS Server. The Ozeki SMS Server will quickly find the modem and you will be able to start sending and receiving SMS messages.

Ozeki SMS Gateway PLC Manuals and Drivers

Ozeki SMS Gateway PLC Personal Experiences

It is built with the best small form factor computer and the quickest, smallest modem available. It is fast, easy to set up, and does not require ongoing maintenance. The Ozeki SMS Gateway PLC is the perfect solution for businesses and individuals who need to send SMS messages from their computer. It is easy to use, reliable, and affordable with PLC functionality.

Pros and Cons of Ozeki SMS Gateway PLC


  1. Compact design featuring lots of options
  2. Future proof solution
  3. High network speed
  4. No fans for low noise with effective passive cooling
  5. PLC functionality


  1. Fairly new, not as many reviews
  2. Slightly harder to mount
  3. Large dimensions

Sending SMS from Ozeki SMS Gateway PLC

You must connect the Ozeki SMS Gateway PLC device and configure the built-in modem before you can send SMS text messages from it. This process just takes a few seconds. For mor information, look at the setup page.

Receiving SMS from Ozeki SMS Gateway PLC

To receive SMS messages using the Ozeki SMS Gateway PLC, you need to make sure the built-in modem is connected and set up in the Ozeki SMS Server. The Ozeki SMS Server GUI will allow you to keep track of incoming text messages. As soon as the modem is identified, the Ozeki SMS Server will offer real-time visibility into the content of received SMS messages and their senders.


It offers excellent compatibility with Ozeki services and has a compact design with the server embedded inside the modem. We frequently update the device's resources to guarantee current information and a simple setup process for those with less technical background.