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Mobile message type specification - OMA OTA settings SMS
(SMS message type, SMS message format)


OMA OTA settings refer to the setting up of new services, such as GPRS, MMS and Instant Messaging for an existing subscriber of a mobile phone network, and any gateways for standard Internet chat or mail services. Network operators typically send these settings to the subscriber's handset using SMS or WAP as mobile operating systems accept.

Why it is convenient

If you do not want to set the browser of every phone manually to enable it to connect to the network or to specify the e-mail settings, this message type can be used to send the required settings. This way, the necessary parameters can be set by just pressing one or two buttons.

Message type


The format of the message data is:

You can modify this structure according to the OMA WAP Provisioning description.


The dark green section can be left out. The <ozSecurityInfo> element is not included in the OMA WAP Provisioning standard. It is used to inform the SMS encoding program that you want to use security settings.

Look at an example:

The following example will show you how to send a SyncML DS Settings to a phone with security settings. The connection is GPRS.


SQL example:

If you use the Database user to send and receive SMS messages with Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway, you can use the following SQL statement to send an OMA OTA Settings message:
insert into ozekimessageout (receiver,msgtype,msg,status) values ('+36205222245',
    'SMS:WAPPUSH:OMAOTASETTINGS:GPRS','<wap-provisioningdoc version="1.1">
                                     <characteristic type="BOOTSTRAP">
                                     <parm name="NAME" value="GPRSSetting"/>
                                     <characteristic type="NAPDEF">
                                     <parm name="NAPID" value="GPRSSetting_NAP"/>
                                     <parm name="NAME" value="GPRSSettingGPRS"/>
                                     <parm name="BEARER" value="GSM-GPRS"/>
                                     <parm name="NAP-ADDRESS" value="WAP"/>
                                     <parm name="NAP-ADDRTYPE" value="APN"/>
                                     <characteristic type="PXLOGICAL">
                                     <parm name="PROXY-ID" value="GPRSSetting_PRX"/>
                                     <parm name="NAME" value="GPRSSetting_Proxy"/>
                                     <characteristic type="PXPHYSICAL">
                                     <parm name="PHYSICAL-PROXY-ID" value="GPRSSetting_PHPX"/>
                                     <parm name="PXADDR" value=""/>
                                     <parm name="PXADDRTYPE" value="IPV4"/>
                                     <parm name="TO-NAPID" value="GPRSSetting_NAP"/>
                                     <characteristic type="PORT">
                                     <parm name="PORTNBR" value="9200"/>
                                     <parm name="SERVICE" value="CL-WSP"/>
                                     <characteristic type="APPLICATION">
                                     <parm name="APPID" value="w5"/>
                                     <parm name="NAME" value="GPRSSetting"/>
                                     <parm name="TO-NAPID" value="GPRSSetting_NAP"/>
                                     <parm name="ADDR" value="http://syncserver.com"/>
                                     <characteristic type="APPAUTH">
                                     <parm name="AAUTHNAME" value="SyncMLUser"/>
                                     <parm name="AAUTHSECRET" value="SyncMLPassw"/>
                                     <characteristic type="RESOURCE">
                                     <parm name="URI" value="./contacts"/>
                                     <parm name="NAME" value="Contacts DB"/>
                                     <parm name="AACCEPT" value="text/x-vcard"/>

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