Product evaluation

This page gives information about the evaluation of Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway and gives some hints about the restrictions of the trial version that can be downloaded free of charge from our website.

Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway is a commercial software product, which means, that the customer has to pay a license fee in order to use it in production. To help our customers decide whether the product is fit for their purpose, a trial version of the software can be downloaded from our website for evaluation purposes. In the evaluation period, the software can be used free of charge with some limitations.

In the evaluation period the following limitations apply:

1.) There is a time limit. The software can only be used for 20 days.

2.) It has an annoying feature that changes one of every six messages randomly to the following text: "Ozeki SMS Trial". In more detail: if you send out or receive an SMS message with the trial version of our software, there is a chance that the SMS text will be changed to this text before it is sent out or received.

3.) There is a capacity limit. The software capacity maximum is 80 SMS per second. In the final version the capacity is limited as your purchased license.

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