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How to list your modems in the supported GSM Modems section

Ozeki is a leading supplier of corporate SMS solutions. Many of these solutions require GSM modems. Our clients decide which modems to use by looking at our Supported GSM modems listing. If you are a GSM modem manufacturer and you wish to list your modems on our webpage please follow the instructions provided in this section.

General information

By listing your products on our webpage, you will get more corporate customers from all over the world. These customers, who are looking for a suitable device to be used with Ozeki NG will approach you directly, as Ozeki is not providing and is not planning to provide a hardware distribution service in the future.

Ozeki SMS products are used in 24/7 operations. We list hardware models that are reliable and bare high volume of traffic. We only list devices that are premium quality.

To list your GSM modems, they need to be tested with Ozeki NG SMS gateway. You can decide if you wish to do the testing yourself, or you can ask Ozeki to do the testing for you. If you do the testing yourself, your modems will be listed in the "Other GSM Modems, that can be used" section. If our engineers do the testing it will be listed in the "Officially recommended modems for Ozeki NG SMS Gateway" section.

Ozeki reserves the right to remove a modem from the listing if quality problems arise.

Listing your hardware devices in the "Officially recommended modems" section

To include your modems in the officially recommended modems section, you have to send them for testing to our test laboratory by a mail or shipping service. The testing will take about two weeks. After the testing has been completed, we will return your devices. If your modems are good quality and are found suitable by our Engineers to be listed in the "Officially recommended modems for Ozeki NG SMS Gateway" section, you will be entitled to the following options:

  • You can list your distributors on the www.ozekisms.com website, or provide a link that points to your webpage

  • You can use the "High Quality Modem" logo on your modem's website.

  • You can use the "High Quality Modem" sticker on the modem's packages / brochures.

  • You can include a CD ROM in your retail product package, that contains the Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software (a version that can be used without any limitations for a period of 30 days). This software allows customers to use your modems for creating SMS messaging solutions.

If you wish to list your devices in the Officially recommended modems section, please send an e-mail to info @ ozekisms.com.

Listing your hardware devices in the "Other GSM Modems, that can be used" section

To include your modems in the Other GSM Modems section, you have to download and install Ozeki NG SMS Gateway and verify if it can be used for sending and receiving SMS messages. Please run the software for at least two weeks with your modem attached and configured, to make sure your device can be used in long lasting operations. If you find your modem suitable to be used with this software, please send us an e-mail to info @ ozekisms.com to proceed.

How much does it cost?

Currently, the modem testing performed by Ozeki engineers, and the listing of your modems at www.ozekisms.com is free of charge.

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