Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

Mobile message type specification - WAP Push SL SMS
(SMS message type, SMS message format)


The WAP Push SL message type makes it possible to send service loading wap requests to mobile phones. These requests can contain an URL and a signal level.

Message type


The format of the message data is:

<sl href="..." action="..."/>

Take a look at an example:

<sl href="http://wap.ozeki.hu/" action="signal-high"/>
Action can be: signal-high, signal-low, signal-cache

Sending a WAP Push SL message in SMS

To send a WAP PUSH SL message with Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway, you need to specify a message type containing a message format identification. To send the above example, you would use the message type SMS:WAPPUSH:SL

SQL example:

If you use the Database user to send and receive SMS messages with Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway, you can use the following SQL statement to send a WAP PUSH Service Indication message:

insert into ozekimessageout (receiver,msgtype,msg,status) values ('+36205222245',
         'SMS:WAPPUSH:SL','<sl href="http://wap.origo.hu/"

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