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We have found this article at codeproject, and since it is very useful, for those who want to work with the OTA bitmap format we have decided to post a copy of it:


I searched the internet for a program to convert the image files to the OTA file format, but there was none!!! So, I began researching for OTA file format details... finally, I wrote a program with C# to do this...

The source code and binary files are ready for download...

The main logic of this program is an algorithm for converting images. Mobile picture messages (OTA or OTB files) have a standard size: 72x28. First of all we must create a file (*.ota) and then write 4 standard bytes into it.

byte0 -> 0000 0000 (0)
byte1 -> 0100 1000 (72)
byte2 -> 0001 1100 (28)
byte3 -> 0000 0001 (1)

Now read image, pixel by pixel, from left to right and top to bottom, every 8 pixel makes a byte for writing to the file:

black pixels = 0
Other pixels = 1

An image with size 72x28:

has 72*28 = 2016 (bits)
every 8 bits = 1 byte => 2016 / 8 = 252
and 252(bytes) + 4(standard bytes) = 256 bytes

Finally, the file size is 256 bytes.

Download and read my source code to see this program working...

Author: Alireza Naghizadeh, Iran
Original articale is available at: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/graphics/ota_converter.aspx?msg=2384564