SMS response message format

Applications interacting with Ozeki NG can return response messages in the following format. The response can contain one or more messages. Each message should be put on a separate line. This format is used in the HTTPClient user and the AppStarter user.

{SMS:TEXT}{Vodafone}{+447778888888}{+447779999999}{Hello world}

Each field is marked with a curly bracket. The meaning of the field comes from the position in the line. The fields have the following meaning:

Position Field name Field description Example
Position 1 Message type Contains the SMS message type string SMS:TEXT
Position 2 Service provider name You can specify which service provider should be used to send the message Vodafone
Position 3 Sender address The sender address of the message +447778888888
Position 4 Recipient address The destination address of the message. e.g. The recipient phone number. +447779999999
Position 5 Message data The message text Hello world

{SMS:TEXT}{Vodafone}{+447778888888}{+447779999999}{Hello world}
{SMS:TEXT}{Vodafone}{+447778888888}{+447779999910}{Hello to you too}

To send more then one messages, the response can contain more then one lines. Each line should be terminated with <CR><LF>. You can use the backslash as an escape character if you wish to include a curley bracket in your message text. For example the following is a valid message:

{SMS:TEXT}{Vodafone}{+447778888888}{+447779999999}{Hello \{ world}

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