SMS API for ASP/ASP.NET Developers

On this page I give you some information on how you can use ASP to send and receive SMS messages. This guide is an overview. It was designed to help you pick the most appropriate method for your solution.

Send SMS or receive SMS from ASP using a database

One of the options you can choose to add SMS functionality to your ASP project is to use an SQL SMS gateway architecture. In this architecture, the ASP enabled website uses a database server (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL) for data storage. To add SMS functionality in this case all you have to do is create two database tables, one for sending SMS messages and one for receiving SMS, in the database server and use these tables in an SQL SMS Gateway configuration (Figure 1). In this case the SQL SMS Gateway configuration of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway will work the following way:

sql sms gateway configuration for asp sms solution
Figure 1 - SQL SMS Gateway configuration for ASP SMS solution

There are two database tables. One will be used for receiving SMS messages (ozekimessagein) and another will be used to send SMS messages (ozekimessageout). If an SMS message is received by the system Ozeki NG will insert a record into ozekimessagein. Your ASP application can read the ozekimessagein database table and check for incoming messages.

If you want to send a message, you can use the ozekimessageout table. You can insert a record into ozekimessageout. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway will periodically check your outgoing database table using an SQL SELECT and if it finds a message to be sent it will send it.

This ASP SMS database solution is described in more detail on the following pages:

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Send SMS from ASP or receive in ASP program using HTTP

The other option you can choose is to communicate with the SMS gateway directly using HTTP. This option is ideal if you don't have a database server attached to your website or you do not want to use it. The advantage to this solution is that it is faster in terms of reaction times. If you are receiving an SMS message using an HTTP SMS Gateway configuration, you can react faster with a response SMS.

http sms gateway configuration for asp sms solutions
Figure 2 - HTTP SMS Gateway configuration for ASP SMS solutions

Figure 2 - HTTP SMS Gateway configuration for ASP SMS solutions

The following pages discuss in great detail how you can receive SMS messages or send SMS messages from your ASP enabled website using HTTP.

Receive SMS or Send SMS using HTTP from an ASP application

More information