Examples on how to send SMS from VB.NET or receive SMS in VB.NET

On this page you can find information about how to send and receive SMS in Visual Basic.NET. The information is useful if you would like to communicate with mobile users from your VB.net applications. This guide is an overview. It was built to help you choose the best method for your system.


Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway offers two possibilities for implementing SMS functionality into a Visual Basic.NET program. You can use a database server (MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle) and send and receive SMS messages through SQL requests or you can use Http request to post your messages to the mobile network. Both options ensure speed, reliability and safety, so they offer excellent choices in creating a professional and reliable solution.
In the following you can read about the possibilities of the above mentioned, explain the benefits derived from them. You will also find a link pointing to a detailed setup guide, that includes source code and detailed explanation.

How to send and receive SMS in Visual Basic.NET using SQL

In this example your Visual Basic.NET application and the Ozeki NG SMS Gateway share a database server. To send an SMS message the Visual Basic.NET application must insert a database record into the database using an SQL request. Ozeki NG SMS gateway will read this database record and will send the SMS. Messages can be received the similar way. If an SMS comes in, the SMS gateway will insert it into the database. The VB application can pick it up from their through a standard database connection (Figure 1).

how to send/receive messages using vb.net with sql
Figure 1 - How to send / receive SMS from VB.NET through SQL

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How to send and receive SMS in Visual Basic.NET using HTTP

This example explains how to use HTTP request in VB.NET to submit text-messages to mobile phones. After implementing this example, your Visual Basic.NET application will be able to deliver text messages to the cellphones of mobile users through Ozeki NG SMS Gateway, by calling it's HTTP interface. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway will be responsible for converting these HTTP requests to SMS messages and for delivering them to the recipient handsets (Figure 2).

how to send/receive messages using vb.net with http request
Figure 2 - How to send SMS from VB.NET using HTTP requests

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By implementing the above configurations with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway, several benefits will open for you. You will have a very reliable notification system, that can be configured to notify the intended person directly. You will be able the react instantly to incoming SMS messages and you will be able to track message delivery status using delivery reports. The above configurations can be used independently of mobile network operators. You can configure Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to use GSM modems or IP SMS connections to send your SMS messages. If one provider fails, or the provided throughput is not sufficient, you can switch to another provider. You can use HTTPS or secure database connection, thus you can build a secure notification system. By using this next generation, you will be able to provide a professional service for your mobile users. Your work will be more efficient, faster and nonetheless more accurate.

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