PHP Developers!

Start by checking out the possible solutions on how to add SMS functionality to your website. Read the quick overview:

php sms example Beginners: How to send/receive SMS with PHP...

Send SMS using HTTP:

With PHP you can easily submit SMS messages using HTTP requests:

Send SMS (PHP + HTML form)
Send SMS (URL examples)

The Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can send incoming messages to your PHP website through HTTP GET and POST requests:

Receive SMS using PHP and HTTP

SMS from MySQL:

If your website has a MySQL database, check out the following information:

Send SMS from MySQL

Checking if the SMS message has been sent

Has the message status changed?

You can check if the SMS has been successfully sent by checking the table of outgoing messages. If the message status is "sent", the message has been sent.

verify that the message is sent in the outgoing sms box
Figure 1 - Verify that the message is sent in the outgoing SMS box

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