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Ozeki NG SMS Gateway v3.15.6 for Linux

This guide gives you the steps to install Ozeki NG on Linux. It lists the necessary prerequisites, provides access to the necessary components and explains the way you can get the Ozeki NG mobile messaging software installed as a daemon to operate in the background.

Video: How To configure your modem

Step 1 - Download and install Mono Framework

It is recommended to use Mono Framework 2.6 or above. Most linux distributions have the Mono Framework included. If your Linux distribution does not have mono included, you can download and install it from the following webpage. www.mono-project.org

For example to install the Mono Framework on Fedora 10, you should issue the following command:

yum -y install mono-* libgdiplus-* ibm-* byte-*
yum install wget

Step 2 - Download and install the Ozeki NG software package

The Ozeki NG software package can be downloaded from the following URL:

OzekiNG_SMS_Gateway-3.15.6.tgz (3.4 Mb)

You can use the following commands to download the package and to extract it's contents:

cd /var/lib
wget http://ozekisms.com/attachments/2685/OzekiNG_SMS_Gateway-3.15.6.tgz
tar -xzvf OzekiNG_SMS_Gateway-3.15.6.tgz
ln -s OzekiNG_SMS_Gateway-3.15.6 /var/lib/ozeking

Step 3 - Configure your firewall

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway has a built in webserver. By default this webserver runs on port 9501. You should configure your firewall to accept connections on this port.

iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 9501 -j ACCEPT

Step 4 - Test Ozeki NG (Optional)

Optionally you can run OzekiNG from the command line to see if it functions properly. To do this you should issue the following commands:

cd OzekiNG_SMS_Gateway-3.15.6
mono OzekiNG.exe /run

After these command have been issued, you can open the Ozeki NG configuration webpage by typing the following URL in your browser (Replace the IP address to the IP address of your Linux server.

Step 5 - Run in the background

To run Ozeki NG in the background, you should copy the ozeking init script to your init.d directory. You can use this script to start and to stop the service

cp /var/lib/ozeking/distributions/Fedora/init.d/ozeking /etc/init.d/
/etc/init.d/ozeking start

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